Shravan -The Holiest Month of The Year in Hindu Calendar

Shravan mass popularly known as Sawan month is the fifth month of the Hindu calender and holiest month of the year. The month of Shravan is the most auspicious month and dedicated to Lord Shiva, millions of Hindu devotees visit Lord Shiva shrines on the day and Offer gangajal while worshiping Lord Shiva so called this as Shiva month.

Festivals in Monsoon

There are many Festivals celebrated during the holy month of monsoon,Some of the most important and major monsoon festivals of the country are listed as below. Apart from the below list here are list of monsoon festival from The Hills of The Northeast India Kharchi Puja,Mim Kut,Tuluni and Dree.

Hariyali Teej

Teej Festival

Raksha Bandhan


Krishna Janmashtami

krishna janmashtami

Nag Panchami


Fairs in Monsoon

Shravan is the month of Fairs and Festivals in India, every state has its own way of celebrating the holy month but Kanwar Yatra is the only annual pilgrimage of devotees of Loar Shiva come together from all the states.

Shravani Mela

Bol bam - kawariya

Jageshwar Fair

Shravan Jhula Mela

Kanwar Mela


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