15 Most Prominent Temples of Lord Shiva in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, The Temple city of India has number of temples dedicated to all Hindu deity, Most of the temples of Bhubaneswar are dedicated to Lord Shiva such as Uttaresvara Temple, Madneswar Siva Temple,Gourisankara Siva Temple,Labesvara Siva Temple, Yudhistiresvara Siva Temple and the abandoned Nagesvara siva Temple.

Lingaraja Temple


The Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar city is one of the oldest temples of Bhubaneswar, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lingaraja Temple is dedicated one of the form of Shiva,known as Harihara, a combined form of Lord both Vishnu (Hari) and Lord Shiva (Hara).

Muktesvara Temple


The Muktesvara deula is one of the most important monument of Bhubaneshwar along with the Rajarani Temple and Lingaraj temple. Muktesvara Temple architecture is known as the Gem of Odisha architecture and one of the must visit temple in the city.

Rajarani Temple


The Rajarani Temple is the most famous temple of capital city and locally known as love temple. Rajarani Temple has the erotic carvings of women and couples in the temple, just like the Khajuraho temple.

Parsurameswar Temple


The Parsurameswar Temple is one of the best preserved specimen of Hindu temple and one of the oldest in the state of Orissa. Parsurameswar Shiva Temple is a ticketed monument and should be visited during the major festival celebrated of temple in June–July.

Pabaneswara Temple

The Pabaneswara temple has a vimana with a renovated porch and presiding deity is a Sivalingam within a circular yonipitha inside the sanctum. Pabanesvara Siva temple is located near to famous Parasuramesvara temple.

Subarnesvara Temple

Subarnesvara Temple is situated near to Lingaraja west canal, near to Parasuramesvar temple and opposite to Nagesvara temple. The Subarnesvara Siva Temple prime deity is a Siva lingam within a circular yoni pitha in the sanctum.

Mangalesvara Temple

Mangalesvara Temple is located in the precinct of the Papanasini River in city of Bhubaneswar. Mangalesvara Siva Temple is a living temple and surrounded by Papanasini tank and shop in east.

Brahmeswara Temple


Brahmeswara Temple of Lord Shiva is one of the holy shrine and encircled by four small shrines and a great place to sight see. It is one of the architectural marvel which depicts the traditional style of Orissa temples.

Bahirangeshwar Temple

The Bahirangeshwar Siva Temple is one of the most visited temple in the city of Bhubaneswar, located at Dhauli from 8 km south of Bhubaneswar. Bahirangeshwar Temple is one of the ancient Shiva temple in Orissa and must visit place during the Shiva Ratri Celebrations.

Champakesvara Temple

The Champakesvara Temple is situated in the Old Town area of Bhubaneswar city, near the Parasuramesvara on the right side of the Kotitirthesvara lane. Champakesvara Siva Temple is a Laterite temple.

Dishisvara Temple

The Dishisvara Temples presiding deity is a Siva-lingam within a circular yonipitha installed inside the sanctum. Dishisvara Shiva Temple is one of the popular temple and a tourist Places in the city.

Gangesvara Temple

The Gangesvara Siva Temple is situated in the old town of Bhubaneswar near to the most famous Lingaraj temple. Gangesvara Temple presiding deity is a Siva lingam within a circular yonipitha.

Astasambhu Temples


Astasambhu Siva Temples is the collection of 8 Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Astasambhu means Ashta means eight and Sambhu refers to another name of Lord Shiva.

Jaleswar Temple

The Jalesvara Siva Temple is situated at outskirt of the village Kalarahanga in Bhubaneswar. Its one of the living temple with presiding deity is a Siva-lingam within a circular yonipitha inside the sanctum.

Kapilesvara Temple

The Kapilesvara Temple is located near the big Lingaraj temple in the old twon of Bhubaneswar city. Kapilesvara Siva Temple is a living temple with presiding deity is a Siva-lingam at the center of a circular yonipitha inside the sanctum.

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