9 Popular Navagraha Temples of Tamil Nadu

Navagraha means nine planets, They include Sun,Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. All nine of the Navagraha temples are found in different parts of India,most famous Navagraha Temples in India are Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu, Navagraha Temples in Chennai Kundrathur,Navagraha Temple in Uttar Pradesh, Navagraha Temple in Assam, Navagraha Temples in Maharashtra,Navgraha Temple in Madhya Pradesh and Navagraha Jain Temple in Karnataka.

Suryanar Kovil Temple, Sun

Suryanar Kovil Temple is dedicated to God Sun, situated near the town of Kumbakonam. The temple is a historic Sun temple in India and the only temple in the state which has all 9 shrines of Navagraha.

Kailasanathar Temple, Moon

Kailasanthar Temple has a separate shrine for Moon, situated in the village of Thingalur. Thingalur Chandran is one of the nine Navagraha sthalas in Tamilnadu.

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple, Mars

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple is associated with the planet Mars and one of the nine planets temples in South India. The temple is dedicated to the god Shiva where Lord Shiva is worshipped as God of healing.

Swetharanyeswarar Temple, Mercury


Swetharanyeswarar Temple is dedicated to Agora Murthi, Unique incarnate of Lord Shiva in the village of Thiruvenkadu. This temple is famous for unique structure of pools and furious incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Apatsahayesvarar Temple, Jupiter


Apatsahayesvarar Temple is dedicated to planet Jupiter, located in the village of Alangudi. The temple is one of the most popular Shiva temple in south India where Lord Shiva worshipped as Dakshinamoorthy.

Agniswarar Temple, Venus

Agniswarar Temple is dedicated to planet Venus, located near the village of Kanjanur in Kumbakonam and one of the 9 Navagraha sthalas in Cauvery Delta region.

Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple, Saturn


Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple dedicated to Lord Sani, located in Karaikal district of Pondicherry. The temple is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam and the presiding deity is Dharbaranyeswarar.

Rahu Stalam Temple, Rahu


Rahu Stalam Temple has numerous shrines and and classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam, located on the bank of the river Kaveri near from Kumbakonam. The temple has shrines of Rahu,Lord Shiva,Maha Bhairava,Ganesha and goddesses Lakshmi.

Kethu Sthalam Temple, Ketu

Naganatha Swamy Temple presiding deity is Ketu but Naganatha Swamy of Lord Shiva is the main idol. The temple is one of the nine Navagraha sthalas located in the Cauvery Delta region of India.

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