12 Japanese Electronic Brands and Companies in India

Electronic is not only about cheap Chinese products like smartphones, Trimmer, earphone etc, The Japanese electronics companies are also opening its wings in India. At present, there are more than 1000 Japanese companies registered in India for the establishment of different business like electronics, healthcare, technology and into the automotive industry.

Here is the list of 12 Japanese electronics companies, brands and products available in India, Few very popular automotive includes Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Toyota.



Sony Corporation from Japan owns the largest music entertainment business in the world along and its diversified business also includes entertainment, gaming, television entertainment.

Sony Electronics is not only one of the largest television manufacturer in the world after Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, TCL and Hisense but also among the sales leader in semiconductor business.



Canon Inc is a very popular manufacturer of optical and imaging products like projectors, cameras, camcorders and binoculars. The SLR and digital SLR cameras with lenses under the Canon brand are best product of the company alog with calculators, Scanners and Printers.



Toshiba Corporation is one of the top five consumer electronics company in Japan, Also is the ninth largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world. The Japanese electronics company’s products and services include electronic components, power systems and consumer electronics and home appliances.



Panasonic Corporation is one of the largest Japanese electronics company along with top five Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Pioneer and Canon Inc. The company offers renovation services in different principal subsidiaries, In India – Panasonic makes washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers etc and also own Anchor Electricals.



Hitachi is a Japanese company that operates into eleven business segments, From Construction Machinery to consumer electronics products. Hitachi Electronic Product includes LCD projectors, Refrigerators, Room air conditioners and LCD Televisions.



Pioneer Corporation based in Tokyo, produces premium electronics like CD players, DVD players and sound systems for vehicles. The Japanese company specializes in digital entertainment products as well as works with optical disc and display technology.



Nikon Corporation,headquartered in Tokyo and known for digital cameras, SLR cameras, camera lenses and binoculars. The company is one of the largest manufacturer of camera along with include Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Pentax, and Olympus.



Casio company best known for its calculators as well as most commonly known for making durable and reliable electronic products. Casio Computer electronic products include digital watches, digital cameras, calculators, mobile phones, musical instruments and G-Shock range watches.



Fujitsu is a technology company that also makes computing products like image scanner, storage server, Keyboards/Printing Devices etc. The Japanese IT equipment company also offer a diversity of products with services in personal computing, Workstations, Air conditioning and microelectronics.



Olympus Corporation is another very popular brand of camera and also has been a manufacturer of microscopes and endoscopic. The company also manufactures and sells industrial scanners, fiberscopes and image analysis software.



Fujifilm corporation headquartered in Tokyo, A photography, printing and biotechnology company and its popular products includes Digital Cameras, Instax Cameras and Industrial products.



Clarion company is a popular manufacturer of automotive consumer electronics such as car audio, navigation systems,subwoofers, Car Camera and Monitor. The Japanese Automotive electronics company supplied Car audio to Tata Motors – Nano car, and the clients also include Ford, Volkswagen and Toyota.

Some of the popular Japanese electronics Corporation also includes Sanyo, Akai, Sansui, Sharp, Ricoh, Seiko, JVC and Hoya Corporation. There are more Japanese consumer electronics company specializing in manufacturering of audio equipment, home cinema and sound system, portable devices, sound speakers, home entertainment, home cinema amplifiers and sound bars.

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