15 Powerful Indian Brands of Agriculture Tractors

Tractors in India is part of the agriculture industry, currently India is the world’s largest producer and market for tractors with 15 domestic and 5 international tractor manufacturing companies.

Here the the list of top 15 current manufacturers of tractors in India, The most popular Indian brands of tractors are listed below.

Mahindra Tractors


Mahindra is the largest manufacturer of Tractors in India, The company is also the world’s highest-selling tractor brand by volume and is the largest tractor producers in the world. Jiangling Tractor, Swaraj Tractor and Trakstar Tractors are subsidiaries of Mahindra & Mahindra.

Swaraj Tractors


Swaraj Tractors of India is a leading tractor brand with a wide range of agriculture tractors and machinery. The brand listed amongst the top tractor brands in India, available in a range from 11.18 kW to 48.47 kW (15Hp-65Hp).

Trakstar Tractors – Mahindra Gujarat


Trakstar Tractors are powerful and fuel efficient tractors sold under the company as Gromax Agri Equipment Limited. Gromax Agri Equipment Limited was formerly known as Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Limited, part of Mahindra & Mahindra group, sold under Sakthimaan, Farmplus, Hindustan and Trakstar brand names.

TAFE Tractors


TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, The Indian tractor brand is the second largest tractor manufacturer in India by volumes and third in the world. TAFE partnered with Massey Ferguson tractor brand and backed by four iconic tractor brands including TAFE, Eicher and Serbian tractor.

Eicher Tractors – TMTL


The Eicher brand of tractors are a household name in the Indian industry of agricultural, renowned for their value for money ratio. TMTL is subsidiary of TAFE and the division is manufactures of both air-cooled and water-cooled tractors under the brand Eicher.

Sonalika Tractors – Sikander/Worldtrac


Sonalika Tractors are the best-in-class with a combination of stylish design, features and advance tractors by technologically. The brand Sikander and Worldtrac are best products with the highest power engine can be used for multipurpose operations.

Escort Tractor – Farmtrac


Escorts Limited operates in the agri and construction machinery along with equipment and manufactures tractors, automotive and railway components. Farmtrac Tracto is the brand of Escorts and The motorcycle division of Escorts group was own popular motorcycles brand called Rajdoot.

Force Tractors – Balwan/Sanman


Force Balwan, Sanman, Aabhiman and Orchard tractors are most fuel efficient tractors in India. Force Motors known for automotive brands like Tempo, Minidor and Matador, Now Force Traveller is a very popular among the transport line in India.

Indo Farm Tractors


Indo Farm is one of the best tractor brand in India, Very popular for farm machines, crane and advanced technological tractors. The company also into cranes manufacturing industry, Designed dedicated pick and carry hydraulic mobile crane for construction industry.

Ace Tractors


Ace offers a wide range of farm tractors in India, Not only used for agriculture activities but also for industrial haulage and construction. The company offers tractors from 35 HP to 90 HP along with heavy construction and engineering equipment such as mobile and tower crane, Backhoe loaders, Soil compactors and Excavators.

HMT Tractors

HMT Tractors or Hindustan Machine Tools manufactures tractors with high durability, powerful and fuel efficient tractor in the class. The HMT company was once the largest supplier of wrist watches in India and still manufactures industrial machines and tools.

Preet Tractors


Preet Tractors are powerful general-purpose offers high-performance tractors used in communal services and forestry. Preet Agro Industries is Flagship company of the Preet Group, manufactures wide range of combine harvesters, Tractors by farmers 60 HP, 65 HP and 75 HP.

Captain Tractors


Captain Tractors is a leading manufacturer and exporters of agricultural tractors, mini tractors and multipurpose tractors in India. Captain Mini Tractor help small farmers to achieve fast farming progress.

Standard Tractors


The standard tractor is a brand of trust, started manufacturing of Standard tractors, Hydraulic mobile cranes and Standard combine. Standard Corporation is one of the leading manufacturer of Harvester in India and offers wide range of straw chopper models.

VST Tractors – Fieldtrac


VST manufacturers Tillers and Tractors in India, The VST Shakti is a powerful 3 cylinder engine multipurpose tractor by VST. Fieldtrac brand is own by VST Tillers Tractors and sold to various European market, VST are the largest manufacturer of Power Tillers in India.

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