8 Silver Coated Elachi Brands in India

Silver Coated Elachi and big brands like Baba, silver pearl etc are dominating the Paan market of the country, Here is the top brands of Elachi. These brands are not only the manufactures of Elachi but also Pan Masala Manufactures Brands in India.

Signature Elachi
Paan Bahar Elachi
Paan Vilas Elachi
Kamla Pasand Elachi
Baba Elachi
Rajshree Elachi
Vimal Elachi

Rajnigandha Silver Pearl

Rajnigandha Silver Pearl is silver coated cardamom seeds that are blended with the best quality saffron and are coated with glittering silver leaves.

RMD Pan Masala
Shikhar Pan Masala
Pan Parag Pan Masala

Pan Parag Pan Masala offers remarkable growth in the market of Pan in India, Pan Masala in India is the most common Mouth Freshener and the major ingredients are Betelnuts, Catechu, Cardamom, Menthol, Clove, Sandalwood and flavours.

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