Top 10 Battery Manufacturing Companies in India

Batteries come in many shapes and sizes, lead-acid batteries used in vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are used for laptops, smartphones and other portable electronics like power Bank. Here is the list of battery manufacturing companies in India for automotive, industrial and home Inverter.


Exide Industries is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of batteries in India. The storage battery producing company into the automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries, also manufactures the widest range of storage batteries in the world

Amara Raja/Amaron

Amara Raja Batteries is the second largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in India and leading manufacturer of batteries for home UPS/Inverter under the brands Amaron and PowerZone.

Amaron battery brand is the second largest selling automotive battery brand in India and Powerzone offers wide range of inverters, home UPS and inverter batteries.


Luminous Power Technologies offers one step home solutions for all electrical control,Inverters, Stabilizers,UPS, Ceiling Fans and batteries. Luminous Batteries are built and designed to fulfill your basic needs in terms of Traction Battery, Inverter batteries and UPS battery.

Base Batteries


Base Corporation is one of India’s top five battery manufacturers, headquartered in Bangalore and offers wide range of automotive, inverters generator and solar batteries.

HBL Power

HBL is a popular Indian company that offering the worlds widest range of specialized batteries, including Aircraft batteries. Ignite Lead Acid Batteries, X-cell Lead-Tin VRLA battery and Photolite tubular from HBL Power Systems are few popular product.

Su Kam

Su-Kam Power Systems is India’s solar power solutions company and sells its products in more than 90 countries. Su-Kam Power Systems has series collection for Inverters premium battery, home UPS and eco-friendly energy solutions like solar power.

Okaya Power

Okaya Power is one of the pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry in India and offers diverse product category such as Inverter Battery, Tubular Battery and Solar Battery.

Southern Batteries

Southern Batteries company manufactures wide range of batteries under the brand name Hi-Power. Hi-Power tubular batteries, Inverter batteries, traction battery and Lead acid batteries are well known types of batteries
manufactured by Southern Batteries.

True Power

True Power International is a leading backup power & solar energy solutions provider and also into the business of solar electricity and tubular inverter batteries.



Livguard is one of the leading player in the energy industry in India and also for home appliances like inverters, Stabilisers, automotive batteries, Inverter Batteries and also tractor batteries.

Suntrac Energy Systems is a another leading manufacturer of lead acid batteries in India, Tubular Inverter Batteries and automotive Batteries.

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