Top 12 Best Brands of Headphones in India

Headphones and earphones with wired or wireless are pair of small loudspeaker used with personal computers, mobile phones and CD players. Checkout headphones available in India from the top brands like JBL, Sony, Bose, Beats & Boat more at best price. Here is the list of most popular brands available in India, Also there are some excellent headphones by Sony covered in Headphoneaholic’s guides by David.



Bose Corporation sells audio equipment and best known for headphones, home systems, automobile sound systems, professional Bluetooth speakers and noise cancelling audio devices. Bose Over-ear headphones, Noise Cancelling Headphones, In-ear headphones with wireless and Bluetooth versions are the best headphones available in India.



Sennheiser electronic brand from Germany specializing in wide range of headphones and microphones as well as high quality products for professional and personal business. The company mainly known for headphones with tag line shaping the Future of Audio.



Sony Corporation was the first to produce Walkman portable music player and listen the music with go using the lightweight headphones. Today the company offer wide range of headphones and earphones in India with features like extra bass, sound quality and noise cancelling headphones.



JBL American company produces audio equipment’s for home, professional studio and also for cinema markets. The company loudspeakers and headphones are one of the best in the Indian market of audio system and also best portable Bluetooth speakers.



Beats Electronics or Beats by Dre produces best audio products and a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The company primarily focused on speakers and headphones but also into the beats audio systems, Beats Music and Beats Studio 3 Wireless is the best high-end wireless headphones. Image source – Beats by Dre.



Shure started offering different listening needs of consumer with professional earbuds, around-ear phones and also portable headphones. The American audio products company is one of the best electronics manufacturer of wireless microphone and other listening products including personal monitoring system.

Audio Technica


Audio Technica company from Japan designs and manufactures audio equipment’s like microphones and headphones. Some of the most famous products of Audio Technica are portable Mister Disc, Bluetooth devices, walkie-talkies and M50 headphones.



Philips is one of the largest electronics company headquartered in Amsterdam, Produce best consumer electronics and electrical products including beauty appliances,shavers, Smart Phones and audio equipment such as Wireless speakers, Headphones and earphones.



Skullcandy company electronics products include hands free devices, headphones, backpacks audio system, earphones and portable wireless speakers. The products from Skullcandy also includes outdoor sports snowboarders and skateboarders.



Motorola headphones, speakers & earphones or wireless earbuds are ideal choice for any workout, traveling or working. Headphones from Motorola are designed to provide studio quality sound anywhere with noise isolation, 16 hours of playtime and water resistant.



Panasonic audio headphones offers higher-quality sound and design with wireless, noise canceling, On Ear & Over Ear feature. Few of the most popular and cheapest brands of earphones in India are Portronics, Panasonic, Zebronics, Boat, Boult Audio Headphone, I-ball, intex, Elevea, Mi Headphones and Samsung Earphones.

AKG – A Samsung Company

AKG also manufactures wide range of high-specification headphones, K240 Studio headphones are tested and trusted by studio musicians and engineers. AKG Acoustics is a subsidiary of Harman Industries and a division of Samsung Electronics, the product range includes microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems.

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