Top 12 Best Brands of Wire and Cables in India

Electrical Wires and Cables are the products used for safety and quality of protection. Here is the most popular wire and cables manufacturing companies in India with brand names and information.

Polycab Wires


Polycab wire & cable manufacturing company is one of the best brand in Indian wire and cable industry. Power cables, Control cables and building wires are ideal for indoor and outdoor household and industries.

Havells Wires That Don’t Catch Fire!


Havells flexible cables and wires are best in class in the flexible cables category and also the range includes flame retardant low smoke cables, multicore round cables, coaxial cables and heat resistant flame retardant cables.

Finolex Cables


Finolex is a leading manufacturer of superior quality electrical wires in India, Each wires and cables from Finolex offers great flexibility, insulation and specially formulated and manufactured for house and industrial uses.

KEI Industries


KEI or Krishna Electrical Industries is the manufacturer and supplier of holistic wires & cables. The company is an end to end solutions provider of wide range of cables and wires in India, including house wires, Winding Wires,Multicore Flexible Cables and rubber-cables.

RR Kabel


RR Kabel is India’s leading cable company, offering wide range of application based cables, instrumentation cables and power cables. These cables and wires are designed for residential purposes with single and tree phase connections as well as for commercial infrastructure.

Syska Wires


Syska wires and cables are made with bare copper conductors and one of the most popular energy saver, high current capacity wires available in India. Syska by SSK Group is also into the smart innovation and home appliances such as LED bulb, Iron, Fan and personal care.

Anchor by Panasonic


Anchor Electricals is now a subsidiary of the Panasonic Corporation and one of the most trusted electrical equipment brands of India. The company produces switchgear wires & cables, LED lighting, solar panels, lamps & luminaires and fans from the manufacturing facility at Daman.



Electric wires and cables from V-Guard are made specially with HFT technology and also with ISI standards. These long lasting wires come with Insulation PVC, 3-layer insulation safety with no heating issues.

Cable Corporation of India


Cable Corporation of India is one of the leading electric cables manufacturing company in India, manufacture PVC insulated and sheathed cables and wires.

Universal Cables


Universal Cables Limited is a leader in the Indian wire and cable industry with the widest product range, including Power Cables, Low Voltage and Instrumentation Cables. The brand unistar by Universal Cables Limited (UCL) is one of the most reputed player in power cable segment, own by M.P. Birla Group.

Apar Industries

Apar Industries is another leading manufacturer of electrical power and telecom cables, headquartered in Mumbai and acquired stake in Uniflex Cables.

Sterlite Technologies


Sterlite technologies is specialized in optical fiber and cables with major presence in India. The company also has fibre and cable manufacturing facilities in India.

There are list of more leading cable and wire Manufacturers in India, specialize in electrical wire and power cables such as Sterlite Tech cables, CMI Limited, Guptapower, Diatron Cables, Cords cable, Unicab Cables and Jainson Cables India.

What is the basic difference between Wires and Cables?


Wire is measured in diameter and a single conductor of copper or aluminum, used in the installation of residential electrical supply. While on the other hand Cable is a group of more wires carrying the current and measured or classified by the total number of wires and gauge,For more information please visit Finolex.


  • Ram says:

    kEI is a good

  • Anthony says:

    Even a child knows that Finolex brand is the best for wiring in any types of building. Fantastic material and unbelievable quality and durability. Finolex Cables is a trustworthy company in India which cannot be shattered by emerging cable brands.

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