Top 5 Crude Oil Imports In India by Country

Today India imports 82% of its oil needs from different countries and aimed to reduce the same by 2023. India is one of the world’s largest oil consuming and importing nation, Here is the list of imports of Crude Oil in India by country.


Russia now makes a fresh record high in imports imports of crude oil accounting for 40% of India’s overall oil imports, As per recent data available on the internet,India imported 15% more than the previous month of oil high in April 2023 and this is the highest share for an individual country in recent years.


The main products exported from Iraq to India are Crude Petroleum and Refined Petroleum, The amount of Oil imports from Iraq constitutes the big small fraction of overall crude oil import basket of India.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the second-largest oil supplier to India, after Iraq and the UAE being the third and USA fourth-largest suppliers. Saudi Aramco or Saudi Arabian Oil Group is a petroleum and natural gas company based in Dhahran and one of the largest companies in the world by revenue .

United Arab Emirates

Crude Petroleum is the major product that India Imports from United Arab Emirates along with Mineral fuels, oils and distillation products. According to Government of India figure Crude Oil Import by India from UAE is more than the amount bought from USA.

United States

India’s oil imports from the United States has substantially increased, In the recent years crude oil imports from the US has hitting a record high as officials said.

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