15 Must Visit Tourist Places Around Bengaluru

Bengaluru city of Karnataka is also known as IT capital of India and listed as second fastest growing major metropolis in India. After 9 to 6 job for 5 days in a week, information technology workers need a break from the city traffic and love to visit below list of places around Bangalore over the weekend.

Anthargange – Deep Caving


Anthargange is the best weekend getaways near Bangalore for night trekking, rock climbing and caving. The hill range is situated in the Kolar district, surrounded by boulders and offers most thrilling experience of night trek.

Savandurga – Monolithic Rock


Savandurga is the largest monolith hills in India, located 60 km west of Bengaluru. The hills of Savandurga is also home to famous Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple and wildlife aniamls such as yellow bulbul, vultures and butterfly.

Avalabetta – Hilltop Trekking

Avalabetta is the best destination around Bangalore with a cliff hanging rock, attracts many travelers from Bangalore over the weekend.

Nandi Hills – Hill Fortress


Nandi Hills in Chikkaballapur district is located approximately 60 km from the city and famous tourist spot during summer along with nearby tourist attractions of Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple.

Shivagange – Mountain Peak

Shivagange is situated 54 km from the city and a popular site for rock climbing in Bengaluru. The area has list of temples and home to protected monument under the Karnataka state.

Hebbal Lake – Largest Lake

Hebbal Lake along the National Highway 7 in north side of the city is the most popular lakes in Bangalore. The lake is one of the largest lakes in Bangalore and known for a healthy birdlife.

Skandagiri – Kalavara Durga


Skandagiri or Kalavara Durga is a perfect weekend destination from Bengaluru, overlooks Nandi Hills and Muddenahalli.

Talakadu – Desert Town

Talakadu desert like town is 133 km from Bangalore city and a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus. The town is home to sand covers the temples and best place for horticulture and wine making tourism.

Makalidurga – Granite Hillock

Makalidurga is a perfect weekend adventure destination around Bangalore, located with in the proximity of the city. Night trek to Makalidurga hill fort at top of a huge granite hillock is a must do thing.

Lal Bagh – Botanical Garden


Lalbagh Botanical Garden is famous for glass house that houses India’s largest collection of tropical plants and flowers. Lal Bagh is also home to few species of birds and a main tourist attractions in Bengaluru city.

Dodda Alada Mara – Big Banyan Tree


The Big Banyan Tree located in the village of Kethohalli is one of the largest of its kind in India. If you are looking for offbeat destination near Bengaluru, tree is located just 28 kilometres from the city.

Summer Palace – Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace is a major historical attraction of Bangalore, situated at Albert Victor road. Summer Palace is a perfect example of Islamic architecture, built with teak and stands adorned pillars, arches and balconies.

Ramanagara – Ramadevara Betta

Ramanagara now called ramadevara betta is approximately 50 km southwest of Bengaluru, famous for oldest granite outcrops in India and famous Mysore Silk along with near by Savandurga and Arkeshwara Temple.

Thottikallu Falls – Mesmerizing Beauty

Thottikallu Falls also known as TK falls is a best place to visit near Bangalore after monsoon. This place is a great destination for trekking and mountain hiking.

Bannerghatta National Park – Biological Park


Bannerghatta National Park is a popular tourist destination and best place to learn wildlife photography along with trekking and hiking. The Biological Park also has an aquarium, butterfly park and a snake house.

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