India’s 11 Must Visit Tourist Destinations Before They Vanish

The Motherland India has numerous natural treasures scattered across the country but due to the global warming, pullution, population, deforestation and problems caused by human interference to nature, some of the beautiful places in India are disappearing. In the next couple of the decades these amazing treasures of India will vanish into nothingness. Here is the list of tourist places to visit in India before they disappear.

Top Most Beautiful Natural Habitats To See in India Before They Disappear

Melting Himalayan Glaciers – Great Himalayas

Himalayas range

The Great Indian Himalaya is home to the world’s most magnificent peaks and thousands of high-altitude glaciers such as kanchenjunga,mount Everest and siachen glacier. Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalayas mountain range shows the dramatic signs of rise of temperature due to global warming.

Shrinking Wular Lake – Jammu and Kashmir

Wular Lake is India’s largest fresh water lake and one of the largest in Asia,facing environmental threats, agriculture land,pollution and hunting of waterfowl and other birds. The famous Wular Lake of the Kashmir Valley is facing a serious problem of shrinkage, wetlands around Wular lake is shrink to abnormal levels.

Valley of Flowers – Uttarakhand


The enchanted Valley of flowers is located in West Himalaya in Uttarakhand and known for its meadows of alpine flowers, gentle landscape and the many species of rare and endangered wild animals. Valley of Flowers is top in the list of the most beautiful natural habitats to see in India before they vanish,due to the deforestation,development,natural calamities and unsustainable tourism.

Manas National Park – Assam

The World Heritage Site of Manas National Park is facing so many threats such as natural threat of flood, Rhino poaching and other illegal wildlife trades. Manas National Park’s vanishing herds includes wild water buffalo,Golden Langur,Hispid Hare,pygmy hog and Hoollongapar Gibbon.

Balpakram Disappearing Forest – Meghalaya

Balpakram also known as the land of gost is famous forest of covered canyon-cum-gorge, located in South Garo Hills district in Meghalaya. Due to the water dams,coal mines and shifting cultivation on the hills, Forest are disappearing rapidly and the Wild animals of this Vanishing Wilderness.

Majuli River Island – Assam


The beautiful river island created by Brahmaputra river in Assam is the largest river island in the world and known for its tribal Culture and birding spots. Majuli Island is Sinking because of the global warming threat. The beautiful tourist destinations of Northeast India is facing threat of disappearing.

Ghoramara Island Sundarbans – West Bengal


The Ghoramara Island is situated in the Sundarban Delta complex of the Bay of Bengal. Ghoramara Island is one of the remaning island in the area,Due to Global warming four islands are already completely underwater. Sunderbans mangrove forest  is among the one of the favourite tourist destinations in India.

Bhitarkanika Mangrove Ecosystem – Odisha


Bhitarkanika Mangrove forest is the largest Ramsar site in India,located in Odisha state. Mangrove wetland river delta is a Bhitarkanika National Park and home to the endangered Saltwater Crocodile, White Crocodile, Indian python and King Cobra.

Rama Setu Pamban Island – Tamil Nadu


The national monuments of India and a symbol of unity,The Rama Setu connection between India and Sri Lanka. Indian government is proposed Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project,that will damage it. Damaging a natioanl monument of both, historical and religious important is really a bad idea.

Great Nicobar Island – Andaman and Nicobar


The Great Nicobar Island is the largest of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, covered by green rainforest and known for its diverse wildlife. Great Nicobar Island was the first island to hit by the tsunami or 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Lakshadweep Coral Reef – Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep is India’s Coral Islands consisting of Amini, Keltan, Chetlat, Kadamat and Bitra, where coral reefs very close to their shores. The cargo ships are biggest treat to these beautiful natural scenic attractions of India.

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