The Seven Tallest Summits of Blue Mountains of South India

The Nilgiri mountains or Blue Mountains of South India is located at the junction of three major states Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Nilgiri Hills is famous for its Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve nature park and its 24 mountains peaks, also known as the Wildlife Corridor between major National park of the region. Famous peaks of the region are Anginda peak,Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar,Chinna Doddabetta,Dolphin’s Nose and Glulur hill.

Eight Great Mountain Ranges of India

Doddabetta Peak -2,637 m(8,652 ft)


The Doddabetta mountain peak is the highest peak in the Nilgiri Hills and a reserved forest on the Ooty-Kotagiri Road in the Nilgiris District. Doddabetta peak and near by region is the most popular tourist attraction along with surrounded forest, Sholas and other closely linked summits such as Hecuba,Kattadadu and Kulkudi.

Kolaribetta -2,630 m(8,629 ft)


The Kolaribetta is the second highest peak of Nilgiri hills and one of the twin mountain peaks in Avalanche hill. Kolaribetta mountain peak is one of the important heights of this area and home to Nilgiri Marten, Nilgiri langur and Nilgiri Tahr.

Kudikkadu -2,590 m(8,497 ft)

The Kudikkadu peak is one of the twin mountain peaks of Avalanche hill, located in Mukurthi National Park. Kudikkadu peak along with other two Kolaribetta and Kolibetta are continue range in the Ouchterlony valley.

Mukurthi Peak -2,554 m(8,379 ft)

The Mukurthi Peak is situated in the Mukurthi National Park of the Kundah range of the Nilgiri hills near Kerala border. Mukurthi National park has most of the highest peak of the Nilgiri hills and home to variety of Flora,Fauna and Avifauna including its Keystone species the Nilgiri Tahr,Asian Elephant, Nilgiri langur and Black Eagle.

Pichalbetta -2,544 m(8,346 ft)

The Pichalbetta is also located in the Mukurthi national park and the area is home to protected animal species such as Nilgiri Tahr,majestic Indian leopard and endangered Royal Bengal tiger.

Derbetta 2,531 m(8,304 ft)

Derbetta peak is nested in the Nilgiri Hills and one of the few peaks of the region to explore. Nilgiri Hills offers a great view of the valley surrounded by lush green trees and hills along with majestic variety of fauna.

Snowdon 2,530 m(8,301 ft)

Snowdon is low mountain peak of Nilgiri Hill ranges and home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. Other famous summit of Nilgiri Hills areĀ Kolibetta 2,494 m(8,182 ft), Nilgiri Peak 2,474 m(8,117 ft) ,Gulkal Malai 2,467.7 m(8,096 ft) and Anginda peak 2,383 m (7,818 ft). Anginda peak is located in the mountains of Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats in Kerala, at an elevation of 2,383 metres (7,818 ft), it is the highest mountain peak in Silent Valley National Park near to Sispara pass and Mukurthi National Park and home to most beautiful endemic and endangered Nilgiri Laughing-thrush bird.


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    There are a few factual / typo errors in the content – would be great if u cud verify the details before publishing the content. for example, kolaribetta is not the bear hill (as suggested in the description for kudikkadu). derbetta is th eone which is referred as bear hill. also, Ouchterlony valley is about 15 kms north of Avalanche valley where Kolaribetta, Kudikkadu and Derbetta is located … I understand that some of these came from a WiKi artcile, but it would have been great if u verified the content that u r adding

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