10 Awesome Places to Visit in and Around Guwahati

Guwahati is the largest city of Assam and gateway to North East India. The ancient cities of Guwahati is home to many ancient Hindu temples and hosts diverse wildlife including rare animal and endangered birds.Here is the list of incredible places to visit in Guwahati along with diverse wildlife and banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river.

Best places in Guwahati also include Guwahati Planetarium, Sualkuchi, Kalakshetra,Nehru Stadium,Regional Science Center and Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium.

Kamakhya Temple


Kamakhya Temple is dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya, situated at western part of Guwahati city. The temple is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas of India and important pilgrimage destination for general Hindu.

Umananda Temple

Umananda Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located in the middle of river Brahmaputra at the Peacock Island. Peacock Island is the smallest inhabited riverine island in the world. Guwahati also known as city of temples, here is the list of famous temples in Guwahati city.

  • Rudreswar Temple
  • Ugro Tara Temple
  • Lankeshwar Temple
  • Basistha Temple
  • Sukreswar Temple
  • Navagraha Temple
  • Dirgheshwari Temple

Nehru Park

Nehru Park is a public park situated right opposite the Cotton College. The park offers very calm environment and one of the oldest place in Guwahati.

Assam State Museum

Assam State Museum is located in the heart of Guwahati city and exhibits rare collections of sculptures from the Assam, various periodicals and journals.

Statue of Ahom

Ahom kingdom was known for his leadership, Lachit Borphukan was a commander in the Battle of Saraighat. A 35 feet high statue of Ahom general Lachit Borphukan and his army is located in the middle of the Brahmaputra river.

Saraighat Bridge


Saraighat neighborhood on the bank of river Brahmaputra is famous for Battle of Saraighat lead by Lachit Borphukan. Saraighat road cum rail bridge over the Brahmaputra is the first bridge over the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati of Assam, There is a second Saraighat Bridge next to old bridge over river Brahmaputra recently inaugurated.

Guwahati Zoo

Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden is the largest park in the North East region, located within the Hengrabari forest. The zoo is home to 113 species of animals and birds including exotic chimpanzees, kangaroos, giraffes and zebras.

Madan Kamdev


Madan Kamdev is situated 30 km from Guwahati city and an archaeological site in Assam. The temple is known as Khajuraho of Assam and one of the most beautiful temples in Assam state.

Dipor Bil

Deepor Beel is a permanent freshwater lake in Kamrup district of Assam, The wetland is one of the largest beels in the Brahmaputra valley and famous bird sanctuary.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary


Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located 48 km from Guwahati in the Morigaon district and home to world famous Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros. The wildlife sanctuary also home to migratory birds,Asiatic water Buffalo and various reptiles.

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