Top 10 Best Online Learning Apps in India

Educational technology is the term we use for computer hardware and software with educational theory and practice. The computer-based training, online learning, and free learning with mobile technologies are the currently replaced other learning and teaching approaches.


Byju’s is the biggest Indian educational technology company that runs on a freemium model and offers education tutoring content for students, academic subjects and concepts as well as trains students for examinations. WhiteHat Jr is now a subsidiary of Byju’s along with Scholr and Osmo.


Unacademy is another popular Indian educational technology company, started as a YouTube channel and now a billion doller company. The company offers material and content for several professional and educational entrance examinations.


Vedantu provide online classes and tuitions with a real-time virtual learning for students in India. The online tutoring platform provider is now India’s leading online education company with million in funding from international investment firm.


Doubtnut online tutoring app was started by giving mathematics and science offline tutoring to students, Now the Doubtnut team leverages technology and gives solutions for CBSE, NCERT, IIT, JEE, NEET and more subjects like azure certification.


Teachmint is one of the leading platform in India for online classes and help tutors and teachers to share experience with live, online, recorded or real-time with students. The education technology startup helps teachers to conduct online classes through Android smartphone app, Apple iPhone or on the web.


Toppr use advanced technology for students and designed in such a way to offer one-stop school learning platform for every student. The leading ed-tech platform offers free trial and a paid subscription with Video lectures, class presentations and more material.


Brainly is a Polish education technology company that provides a peer-to-peer learning platform for Indian students (, Is the world’s most popular education app. The company provides a platform for students to connect with teachers, parents, professional and subject matter experts to seek answers to their questions.


Udemy is one of the largest destination for online courses and a provider of courses in over 65 languages. The American massive open online course provider is a platform where instructors allows to create courses using video, PowerPoint, PDFs, audio and ZIP files.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy website and application educate students using short lessons in the form of videos, The American non-profit educational firm is very popular in both US and internationally.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service for school to share files between teachers and students online. The mobile app for Google Classroom has list of positive aspects and a leader in eLearningIndustry.

There are more online learning apps available in India under the eLearningIndustry such as Coursera, Duolingo, WhiteHat, ToppScholars, Toprankers, Simplilearn and Kahoot.

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