Top 10 Types of Payment Cards Available in India

Card scheme are directly linked to payment cards that are operating on the secure network of two main varieties. Here is the different types of Prepaid, Credit and Debit Cards available in India by brands such as Visa, RuPay, American Express and MasterCard.



RuPay is the Indian brand of credit and debit card system of payments, launched by the National Payments Corporation of India. The RuPay card is an alternative to Mastercard and Visa, accepted at almost all ATMs across India as well as in Singapore, Bhutan, Maldives and UAE.

RuPay Debit and Credit Cards

Currently there are 14 banks of India have launched RuPay credit cards and NPCI plans to have more banks on board. IDBI Bank has launched RuPay debit cards and soon RuPay credit cards will be launched SBI along with Rupay Prepaid by Sodexo, RuPay prepaid smart card by IRCTC.



Visa brand of cards offers transactions worldwide and most commonly through credit cards and debit cards. Visa debit and credit cards are accepted worldwide, Most of the major banks in India used Visa as payments technology company like SBI and ICICI bank.



Mastercard is an American corporation that take care of payments between merchants and card issuing banks, The brand includes both debit and credit cards.


Maestro is debit card brand owned by Mastercard, The type of card is issued by most major Indian banks such as Oriental Bank of Commerce and Syndicate Bank.

American Express


American Express known as Amex, best known for credit cards and one of the most valuable brand in the world. Amex company now also has a significant presence in India that take care the operations of credit card business. free invoice and customer services.



JCB has partnered with RuPay merchants in India, National Payments Corporation of India and JCB have launched international RuPay JCB credit cards in Mumbai. The Indian travelers cardholder will get the benefit of JCB card payment in Japan, Hawai, Singapore, Hongkong and Bangkok.


As part of the Digital India, UnionPay International partnered with NPCI for the accept UnionPay cards in India by local ATMs and merchant. The Indian tourism places visited by Chinese tourists will have the advantage of convenient payment method by acceptance of UnionPay.

Diners Club


Diners Club International offers charge cards owned by Discover Financial Services. In India, the Diners Club Cards are only available with HDFC Bank and used for travel, shopping, entertainment or groceries at selected stores.


Discover credit card brand issued by Discover Bank, Today is the fourth largest credit card brand in the U.S. RuPay in India has alliance with Discover Card to perform transactions internationally.



Cirrus is a subsidiary of Mastercard and serves as a local interbank network in India as well as international. Cirrus, Maestro and Mondex brand of cards are owned by Mastercard, BharatQR is an integrated payment system in India developed by NPCI, Mastercard, and Visa.

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