21 Most Famous Lord Shiva Temples Across India

Lord Shiva, the destroyer is the most powerful and fascinating deity Of the Hindu trinity and has 1008 Names and worshipped in many form mostly in the form of Lingam. 

Major Lord Shiva temples includes 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, Panch Kedar,Sabha temples,Panchaaraama temples and five famous temples of Lord Shiva on Tamil Nadu. Apart from the above here is the list of other famous temples of Lord Shiva around the country. These temples are located at different nook and corner of India. Image Source: Wikipedia

Brihadeeswara Temple, Thanjavur


Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram – Tamil Nadu


Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram was build during the Pallava dynasty and one of the famous rock cut stone temples of Tamil Nadu. The complex and temple nicknamed as Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram, stand at the shore of the Bay of Bengal.

Lingaraj Temple, Bhubaneswar


Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneswar is the largest Shiva temple in Odisha and one of the most prominent landmark of the city along with other nearby major tourist attractions. The temple was built by the kings from the Somavamsi dynasty and today maintained by the ASI and Trust.

Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kotilingeshwara


Daksheswara Mahadev Temple, Uttarakhand


Daksheswara Mahadev Temple is  a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva which is  also known as the Daksha Prajapati Mandir,located in the town of Kankhal in Uttarakhand.

Annamalaiyar Temple, Tamil Nadu


Taraknath Temple, West Bengal

Taraknath Temple is the most important pilgrimage center in the town of Tarakeswar West Bengal, The Hindu god Lord Shiva worshiped as Taraknath. Taraknath Temple is one of the Oldest Temples in India.

Murudeshwara Temple, Murudeshwara


Vadakkunnathan Temple, Kerala


Bhavnath Mahadev Temple, Gujarat


The Bhavnath Mahadev temple is located near the Girnar mountain range in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. The Shiva linga here is said to have emerged of its own.

Srikalahasti Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Srikalahasteeswara temple of Andhra Pradesh is listed as most famous Shiva temples in South India, situated 36 km away from Tirupati and one of five elemant temple of Lord Shiva (Pancha Bhoota Stalam), famous for its Vayu linga.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Khajuraho


Pashupatinath Temple, Mandsaur

Pashupatinath Temple of Mandsaur is a famous Hindu temple of Lord Pashupatinath and the only shrine of Pashupatinath in India, Situated on the banks of the Shivna River in the city of Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh.

Tungnath Temple, Uttarakhand


Natarajar Temple, Tamil Nadu


Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple, Sikkim

Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple is located at Legship on the banks of beautiful Rangit river. It is an important site for Hindu pilgrims and a must visit religious place for every tourist in West Sikkim.

Jambukeswarar Temple


Sukreswar Temple, Assam

The Sukreswar Temple is an important Shiva temple in Assam state,located on the Itakhuli hill on the south bank of mighty river Brahmaputra. It is one of the ancient temple and is the most popular Shiv temple in Guwahati.

Bhojpur Shiva Temple, Bhopal


Bhojpur Temple in located near the capital city of Bhopal on the bank of Betwa river in Raisen District. The Bhojesvar  temple dedicated to great God Lord Shiva houses the largest Shiva Lingam in India.

Amarnath Temple


Kailashnath Temple, Ellora


The Kailasa Temple of Ellora is the largest rock-cut ancient Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in Ellora, Maharashtra, The temple is one of the 34 rock cut temples of Ellora Caves.


Sivasagar Sivadol, Assam

The Sivasagar Sivadol temple is located in the heart of Sivasagar, built in the Shikhara architecture with the center tower which is tallest tower in India at a height of 104 feet.


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