The 5 Best Lightweight Two Wheeler For Girls

Two wheeler market in India is one of the fastest growing industry along with good number of competitors. All the major auto mobile giants are taking interest into the gear less bikes by targeting girls and Indian roads. Girls are more attracting towards the low weight bikes with good mileage and stylish design, so again there is huge competition going on between the two wheeler manufactures.

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Scooty Teenz – 82 Kg


Tvs Scooty Teenz is the lowest weight two wheeler with only 82 kg and the small tyres offers average balance. Scooty Teenz has stylish design and great features with different colors.

Scooty Pep+ – 95 Kg


The Scooty Pep+ is the first choice of working women and girls with low height, it also gives better mileage than other tvs products. TVS Scooty Pep and pep+ are the two most popular product and a brand name of Scooty.

TVS Streak – 96 Kg


TVS Scooty Streak Scooter is the complete female targeted scooty from the TVS, due to its low weight best cost, better mileage and stylish design it received tremendous growth in the two wheeler market sales.

Bajaj Kristal – 99 Kg


The bajaj kristal is one of the most easy to ride two wheeler specially for teenage girls, light weight,good mileage and available in many fascinating colors. Bajaj kristal also offers hassle free and greater comfort driver along with good luggage space for shopping and helmet.

Honda Aviator – 102 Kg


The latest model of gear less two wheeler from auto mobile giant of Japan is considered to be the lowest weight bike with only 102 Kg of kerb weight. Honda Aviator is also delivers good mileage of 40 to 45 kilometers per litre with a comfortable ride and body balance. Other low weight bike for girls are Hero Pleasure 104 kg,Yamaha Ray 104 kg, Kinetic Flyte 105 kg and Honda Dio with 105 kg. The brand New Suzuki Lets scooter of 110 cc has launched recently with five attractive colours and amazing new features.


  • harini says:

    cool yaar

    • Thanks, Keep visiting.

      • Albert says:

        Hi Kailash, while reading your all above comments you are suggesting almost all bikes. so I am confused which bike to go for. I wanna take scooter for my daughter who is college going now. I am confused between Yamah Ray Z, Honda Dio, Hero Mastro and TVS Jupiter. thought Jupiter has the similar feature but very expensive. Dio has milage issue, it is giving 40 or less mileage, Mastro is the one I like but not sure whether my college going daughter will be able to drive it comfortably?? Yamaha Ray has a problem with kick starting. one cant kick start this vehicle unless put it on middle stand and everytime it is not feasible. I am looking for a bike with Max Mileage and cost effective. Also strong. pleas guide..

        • Hi Albert,
          Thanks for reading all comments and inquiry, Yes i do agree that i have suggested all bikes but every bike depends upon the requirement of driver like some one want low weight, good mileage less maintenance etc etc.
          As per your requirement, you have already done research on above four bikes so none of them are suitable for you correct ?
          In my humble opinion please took your daughter along with you and get test drive of these vehicles Pleasure, Aviator, TVS Wego and Activa-i.
          I”m sure you will pick the best one once you have a test drive.

  • Himanshu says:

    Hi, I am from Hyderabad. Wanna buy for my wife a machine that both of us can ride….I narrowed down to any one from — TVS wego / Access 125 / Honda
    Dio / Honda Aviator …. any suggestion?
    Shud be very Light Weight? Gud on Mileage? enough Storage Space? Low on maintenance?

    • Hi Himanshu,
      Thanks for visiting here,We are very happy to assist you here.
      As per the requirements you have mentioned above,i will suggest you three bikes.
      Tvs Wego, Aviator and Access.
      Wego has low weight, good mileage and one of the most successful two wheeler so far.
      Aviator is new stylish and amazing bike from, which is currently ruling the others in the market and the last one is Suzuki Access heavy but awesome one.

      Choice is yours, Thanks.
      If you get confused between these three, please ask your wife for suggestion or for test driver.So she can tell you better as per her comfort of driving and handling.( Probably she will go for Aviator or Wego)

    • Geeta says:

      If u r buying two wheeler den dont go for light weight.. Its all abt balancing whether its light or heavy…
      I ll suggest u to go for activa, Jupiter, aviator or maestro

  • krithika says:

    Hi am krithi.i want to buy a scooty ..Is there should be very very light scooty for me that is below 85 kg?

  • Manish K says:

    HI, I want to purchase light weight scooty with low maintenance and good mileage, can i go for TVS Teenz / Mahindra Kine.

  • JBK Murthy says:

    I am planning to buy a Two wheeler urgently for my daughter for her office going. Features I am looking for:-Economical,Fuel Efficient,Low/No maintenance,More storage space, and above all comfortable.Can you suggest at the earliest.


    • Hello JBK,
      I will suggest you couple of bikes but please check with your daughter choice as well.
      Honda Avaitor
      Honda Dio
      TVS Wego
      Hero Pleasure are few good bike in the current market with low weight and fuel efficient.
      If you want a bit heavy but best then go for Access.

  • siri says:

    Hello sir this Siri I want to purchase a light weight two wheeler it shud b cheaper and good quality…to travel to college

  • Rajiv says:

    Mr Kailash,
    Please assist me about the Honda Activa i. Howz its performance as compare to other two wheeler for girls

  • Srinivas says:

    Hi , I am looking for low weight two wheeler for my wife office going.Could you suggest which one is good?

    • Hello Srinivas,
      Please filter down your criteria such as low weight, good mileage, stylish and so on.
      It will help us to select the best one.
      Here are some of the good bikes available in the current market like Suzuki, TVS Wego and latest one Jupitor.

  • AK says:

    Hi Kaliash,
    Thanks for sharing detailed information.

    I would like to seek your advice for choosing bike for my beloved…

    Our criteria would be bike should be light in weight, ease to handle in city road, low on maintenance and decent mileage…

    We have narrow down to Honda Activa / TVS Wega / TVS Juptier / Suzuki Access .. We didn’t found any review about TVS Jupiter… Would you help to further narrow down..

    • Hello AK,
      TVS Jupiter is recently launched bike and getting popular day by day.
      I do have one at my home, its a bit heavy but manageable we can go for it.
      Else If your loved one can handle Suzuki Access then please make that as first choice if not then get a test drive of Wego, its one of the most successful bike from TVS in the recent years but i guess you need to wait for delivery, please check with your nearby dealer.
      let me know what else information you require from my side, thanks for commenting.

  • shail says:

    i want to buy light weight n low height scooter. Any suggestions??

  • Shilpa says:

    Hi, I am looking for a two wheeler which is suitable for short girls. Could you plz suggest one.

    • sneha says:

      are mere bhi height 4 inch tak hi hai muje toh showroom me samaj hi nhi aa rha tha ke kaise pick up karu scooty :p 🙁 so sad for me……. i m too much smaller than others :'( i m crying lots of for my future scooty :'( how i ride the scooty…….. ? :'(

    • Hi Shilpa,
      There are so many low weight and height bikes available in the current market such as TVS scooty, streak and wego.
      Please go ahead and check the level of comfort and handling via test drive.

    • ss says:

      i think suzuki swiss is good fr girls, once we do test drive fr oUr suitable vehicle IN ALL COMPANIES,, thank q , if you find good/comfrtable two wheeler pls mail me sir

    • Avishek Roy says:

      @shilpa i feel Mahindra Gusto is the best two wheeler for short girls like you and me! Since i am a little less that 5 feet i always found it difficult to ride, however with Gusto’s seat adjuster feature i am able to ride without any trouble! Hope this helps.

  • sneha says:

    hey i m 4 inch hieght so how i ride the scooty…….. show me my height lenghter scooty……. reply or call fast this number 9870110998

  • Sindhuja says:

    Wanna buy a new bike. Office use n long rides. With gud mileage n light weight. I’m 4′ 9”. Which one to pick. Wego or pleasure?

  • Kiruthika says:

    Hi, Im planning to buy a two wheeler which has good stability and medium weight… im a of 5.7 inch person, but im lean, so please help me in choosing one…. thanks in advance

    • Hello Kiruthika,
      You are good enough to handle any of the bike, please get a test drive of Honda Aviator, Access and TVS Wego and Jupitor.
      Then one you like the most, get it.

  • richa says:

    hi kailash, i want to buy a new scooty. but m confused over tvs pep+ or pleasure.which would b better option for mileage, maintenance, self start etc.

  • Shivani Sawant says:

    Hi I’m 5.6″ tall. I want to buy a bike(not a scooter) for myself. I am really inclined towards the Royal Enfield bikes but I’m ready to look into my options. Which one should I buy for city and long distance purposes?

    • Hi Shivani,
      Thanks for visiting us, If you really like Royal Enfield then don’t compromise and go for it.
      Its good for city as well as long distance, Gun for it without a second thought.

  • Arun says:

    I am planning to buy a Two wheeler urgently for my sister for her office going. Features I am looking for:-Economical,Fuel Efficient,Low/No maintenance,Very Light Weight.
    TVS Scooty Pep Plus (or) Hero Honda Access (or) Mahendra Dio

  • Ajaykumar says:

    My friend wanna purchase a bike, he has little polio for one of his leg, which bike suits better to him

  • Venkat says:

    Hi, I ride a Honda Unicorn and am planning to buy a Honda Activa for my wife. What do you think about this bike? I’m in love with the Honda engine since I bought my bike but open to exploring the latest models as well. Apart from the height ,weight and mileage of the vehicle, are there any other factors that should be considered while choosing a bike?

  • Ritu Raj says:


    I am from Jaipur and I wann buy a scooty for my wife that both of us can ride, It should be very economic, Fuel Efficient, Low maintenance, middle weight (not heavy and not light), much storage capacity, service center easily available, good looking, comfortable, and etc.

    Can you please suggest ? I wann buy asap.


    • Hi Ritu,
      There are many vehicles available such as Honda Aviator, Access, Activa, Wego and Jupitor.
      Request you please get a test drive of these along with your wife, it will help to pick up the better one.

  • vasu says:


    i have plan to buying honda dio my wife , but small confusion when i have read the riviews which scooty is best

  • Naresh K says:

    Hi, My name is Naresh and i am from hyderabad. I am planning to buy a two wheeler to my wife. We gone through most of the vehicles and finalized on two — Rodeo RZ and Scooty Pep+. The reason being low ground clearence as my wife is short.
    Could you help us among these two. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Satish says:

    Hi Kailash, what is the best women’s two wheeler in terms of fuel efficiency?

  • Keerthana A says:

    i need a 2 wheeler, very light weight (stylish too) which would be useful for my mom also(has back pain), low on maintenance, gud mileage???

  • N.J.L. RAVI says:

    Hello Kailash,
    I would like to buy Hero Pleasure for wife and daughter,,, is it worth buying, can you suggest me some good vehicle for ladies….

    • Hi NJL,
      Pleasure is good option no doubt.
      There are more vehicles in the market such as Access, Activa-I,Wego and Jupitor.
      Please ask your family to choose one then get a test drive to check and pick it.

  • anjali says:

    Hi , I am from Nashik. I Wanna Buy for me which Shud be very Light Weight, Gud on Mileage,enough Storage Space, Low on maintenance?

  • Meena says:

    hai can u assist me with the latest good bikes which has slim body…. jus i need safety and comfort when am tkng my baby … she is 3 yrs now

  • tejasvi says:

    Hii, I want to buy a scooter for my mom…She’d be travelling 30 kms a day. Less weight and high mileage. which one would you suggest.

  • Rahul says:

    Hi I m RAHUL from murshidabad. I want buy a scoty ,could u suggest me which will be better among TVs wego,TVs Jupiter, Honda activa, hero maestro.

  • creativeenterprises1 . says:

    my hight 4.10 inch which scooty suitable to according my hight & min. price budget ?

  • Ruchika says:

    Hello.. I really need a suggestion. I want to buy a scooty for work. I have height of 4’11 and slim physique. I have suzuki access 125 at home but my feet does not touch ground and it is very uncomfortable for me. Pleasure scooty is also not good to me same feet not touching ground. I used to drive Nova DLX before. That was okay for me. Activa like models are NO No for me. kindly suggest me a ladies scooter which is suitable for my height, and light weight. Any views about Suzuki Let’s and Tvs Zest ?

  • Priyanka says:


    I am from Hyd, Height is 4’10. which scooty should be gud for office purpose in light weight,gud milage,stylish.

  • Fauzia says:

    Scooty is ok for a 5ft height?

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  • dido says:

    I am 5’4.5″, but I am 120kg. Will ypu suggest me to ride a scooty. will I be able to carry it of? Given my weight, which scooty will suit me best. I have also wanted to own a scooty

  • Aparna Repalle says:

    Hi, I’m from Hyderabad, im 5’7 height, this is my first bike buy of my own. Can you please suggest me sir a good bike in latest- stylish model, with low maintenance, good mileage, light- medium weighing, with good colors. Which among these is famous brand and which one has good service centers near by. Could you please help me with the specifications of engine, model etc i have to look for? Awaiting for your response sir


    I am from Delhi and I wanna buy a scoot y for my wife , It should be Fuel Efficient, light weight because she is 4.9″-5 feet so height is very much concern , much storage capacity, good looking, comfortable, and etc.

    we are looking for hond activa-i or hero pleasure .
    please give your valuable opinion .
    thank you

  • p k singhal says:

    i wnat buy activa 3g or TVS zest for wife and daughter for studies in jaipur best option suggested

  • Ajay says:

    I want to purchase lightweight scooter. which scooter is best – tvs zest or suzuki lets?

  • sneha says:

    Hi am from hyderabad . my weight is 34 and my height is 4.5.want to buy a vehicle which is very weight less flexible for my height and weight … can u plz suggest i want to buy asap.

  • Raf says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am Raf.
    i want to buy a scooty which will be use by
    me and sister(mostly). Plz suggest a good one in consideration of
    mileage (with Some practical statistics plz) n performance.

    Fact:: Sister is abt to learn riding a bike 🙂 she is of 5 feet height.

  • Jo says:

    Hi Kailash, I’m from Hyderebad and wanted to buy a two wheeler. I’m 4 .10” of height & weights around 49-50kgs. Is Piaggio Vespa bikes suits to my height. Please do help me with your knowledge. If not Vespa also please suggest me few other bikes which suits my height.

  • swapti says:

    Hi sir, i wanna buy activa 3g or honda dio for office use nd long rides. I’m 5’1 nd my weight is 45. which vehicle suitable for me. Plz suggest me. Waiting for ur response sir…….

  • Sina says:

    Sir, plz guide me. I want to buy a cheap second hand 2 wheeler for myself (female) . I have to use it only occasionally, let us say only 100 kms in a year! I need light weight, since i have to push it & keep inside my house during night for safety reasons.
    I m looking for something b/w 5000-10000 rupees. Looks/color etc are NOT important. plz suggest which fits my budjet and needs. Thankyou. Sina

  • tejas says:

    How is now hero pleasure…?

  • achu uchiha says:

    Hi, I’m from South India. I’ve a height of 4’10” and I weigh around 34 kg. I’ve no past experience of riding any vehicle other than bicycle. Also, I’ve dicided to not go for scooty. Does Hero pleasure suit me? If not, please suggest some alternative scooters that suit me best.

  • Priya Nallusamy says:

    hi, can you suggest me which one is suitable for ladies, i am working women, my work place is situated 35km from my home town.

  • Shailendra says:

    Hi i am from mumbai, i want to buy a 2nd hand two wheeler scooter no scooty, which will be cheaper , low in maintenance, whose spare parts are cheaper or cheapest and sturdy rough and tough. I heard about honda activa whose spare parts are costly, wego is maintenance free and cheap, but not sturdy , access 125 is also good, i have my friend having lml paggio which he says is low cost maintenace and its spare parts are also cheap. I have no clues about jupiter and aviator . please help me i need to buy

    • Hello Shailendra,
      TVS and Honda bike spare parts are easily available in the market and these two brands are rocking the Indian market from last decades. So its okay to buy any of the two wheeler from TVS or Honda, Thanks.

  • Shailendra says:

    please let me know about other scooters also like dio, mahindra gustco etc

  • Saru says:

    Lot of confusion between Suzuki Let’s and TVS Zest. OTR price wise suzuki let’s is cheaper by 3-4 K here in thane. What do you suggest?

  • Supriya Asthana says:

    Hello, My height is only 4’7, please suggest which Scooty will be best suitable for me

  • Vindya says:

    Hello we plan to buy good bike pls suggest me my height is 4.7……. But we need unisex bike my bro and guy also using…….. and we plant to buy honda bike…. Hi Kailash i was read your comments and Honda Aviator its suitable for us……

  • Vindya says:

    Hello we plan to buy good bike pls suggest me my height is 4.7……. But we need unisex bike my bro and guy also using…….. and we plant to buy honda bike…. Hi Kailash i was read your comments and Honda Aviator or Activa which one is better……. and suitable for us…..

  • Mani says:

    Hi kailash, I am 4’11” ht. And weigh 43kg . I am planning to buy my first scooty and i have opted for tvs wego so far. would you please provide me some relevant information regarding its overall feedback.

  • Siddhu says:

    Hi im short of 4’10” and 45kgs and planning to buy activa 3g is it fine?

  • priya says:

    hi, i want to buy two wheeler . how about hero meastro or honda activa i

  • Meeta Desai says:


  • LOCHANA says:

    Hello, i want to buy new two wheeler, which is good in mileage, good for long run, performance, not overweight, suitable for a woman of 5.2″, no maintenance, must be stylish as well. Is Mahindra gusto good option or if want to compare between Gusto, activa and yamaha ray which is best? I want to drive it in NAVI MUMBAI.

  • Lipika Singh says:

    This is Lipika here…
    I am a first time scooty buyer. Lil confused between Activa 3G and Scooty Zest. Please suggest me.
    People using TVS say buy Honda….!! they say engine is really good in Honda.
    My heart says Zest for style and all, while head says Activa 3G…

    HELP…….!!! really confused. It will be nice if you can reply soon… thinking of buying one in a week

  • Sivakumar Siva says:

    Hi, I am Kavi from trichy, i am buy to good scooter. this is first time for me. my height is 155cm and weight is 65kg. which scooter economy and service spare parts easily available with good mileage,easy maintenance. (scooter weight ?)

  • Pardeep Garg says:

    Hi Kailash. I want to buy scooty for my wife. She is short. Her height is 4’8″ Which scooty is good for her. I want to buy TVS Jupiter or hero pleasure. Which you think is good for her. She also have to learn driving.

    • admin says:

      Hello Pardeep,
      Jupiter is quite heavy and tall, would suggest go for Hero Pleasure also take her along with you and get a test drive before buying.
      There are few more option available in the market such as TVS Wego, Pep and Zest.

  • Umair says:

    Hello please assist whether to go with tvs zest or activa-i or else mahindra gusto. i am looking for light weight and less height scooty for 5feet woman.

  • Remya Abhilash says:

    which scooter will be best for me. I am just 4.8 feet. please help ….light weight am preferring

  • rakhi says:

    hello friends..i m planning to buy suzuki access 125, but fearful about its being heavy… pls suggest whether buy or search else

  • Nisha says:

    Hi, I m from kerala. I wanna buy a scooty. I m 152 cms..looking for one which is light weight, low maintenance, gud mileage, enough storage space.please suggest the good ones suitable for me.

  • Nisha says:

    Is activa I good for short girls. I am 152 cms only..please suggest me good ones.also I have to learn driving

  • gunjan says:

    hi, I want to buy a scooty for my mother to use it in marketplace. she is 56 yr old and beginner. she will be learning how to ride. Please suggest lightweight easy handled scooty.

  • Sree M. says:

    I am looking for a two wheeler for my parents (70+ years).Usage about 300 KM / month. Semi urban location. Most of the time no pillion rider. They always ride at less than 30 KMPH speed. Prefer Auto (battery) start, light weight and easy to balance. Can you please suggest a vehicle for me.

  • Vignesh says:


    I am planning to buy two wheeler for my wife. Looking for good pickup, good mileage, stylish, long run, low maintenance, reasonable price.
    Everyone says that honda engine is the best, so go for Honda Activa 3G. What do you suggest??

  • sanjana says:

    Hi, I am sanjana from Bangalore. I m planning to buy bike for myself which should be very light weighted, since I am 5.2 and I am going to use it on daily purpose. should be gud on mileage with storage too. can you suggest me a gud bike?

  • srisan says:

    Hi im short of 4’10” and planning to buy yamaha fascino is it fine?

  • Pdb says:

    Mere hight 4’10” . Weight 56. Koi scooty suggest kijiye plz

  • KAVINDRA says:

    Good Evening Kailash, I want to buy Scooty such that male and female both members can use it. I like Yamaha Ray ZR , if you have any other option in Yamaha or Honda then please comment as soon as possible because tomorrow I am going to book one…..

  • Preena says:

    Hy Kailash,
    I am female from kerala..I wanna buy scooty for me.I’m lil bit confused with tvs pep+ ,hero maestro and pleasure.which one is better? My height 162 cm and i weigh 58kg

  • Ankit Naru says:

    I m one handed handicap nd i want to ride one scoty
    Bt i want to ask u which one scoty will b best option for me after making gear or brakes at one side or at feet
    Plz guide me the best least expensiv nd nyc light scotty

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