TATA Motors – India’s Largest Automobile Company

Tata Motors Limited headquartered in Mumbai is the India’s biggest automobile company and among the top three in passenger vehicles. Tata Motors has products in the compact, midsize car and utility vehicle segments,along with large trucks and bus. After dominating the commercial vehicle market, Mr. Ratan N. Tata Chairman of the Tata Group thought to entered in the passenger vehicle market by launching the Tata Sierra, a multi utility vehicle then a light commercial vehicle Tata Sumo. In 1998 Tata launched Tata Safari, India’s first sports utility vehicle, one of the best selling SUV in the history of the Indian Automoble market. Tata has acquired many vehicle company out side of India such as Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company of South Korea, Hispano Carrocera Spanish bus manufacturer and the British Jaguar cars and Land Rover. Tata Motors to introduce first Air Car in India named OneCAT and also planning for Electric vehicles run on lithium batteries. Tata motors has emerged as one of the leading Indian brand, who is taking Indian automobile to the world.

10 Best TATA Products:

Tata Nano: The small car Tata Nano is economical cheapest car in the world. Tata Nano is a comfortable, safe, high on fuel efficiency and all-weather people’s car, It is designed for eco-friendly bicycles and motorcycle population users. The World’s Cheapest Car price point, near Indian Rupee 100,000 basic Std, other Model versions are deluxe Cx and luxury Lx. Tata Nano is the symbol of India’s ambitions to become a modern nation. There is a export version of the Nano named as “Tata Nano Europa” with number of improvements including an extended wheelbase, a new 3-cylinder engine, power steering, and anti-lock braking system.

Tata Indica: The Tata Indica is a hatchback automobile range and the the first passenger car from Tata Motors. This mid-sized household automobile vehicle comes with the advanced options, beautiful looks and available in diesel and petrol variants. In the Compact Utility Vehicle category Tata launched new version of Indica named as Tata Indica eV2 and Indica Vista in range of 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Tata Indica made it one of the best selling cars in India and some models have also been exported to Europe, Africa and other countries.

Tata Indigo: The Tata Indigo is India’s first Sedan model launched in India long back in 2002. Indigo Sedan was the 1st generation cars along with other version such as Indigo Marina and Indigo CS. Now Tata the India’s third biggest passenger vehicle maker has launched 2nd generation car Indigo Manza, priced between Rs 4.8 lakhs and Rs 6.75 lakhs. The luxury sedan has features like steering mounted audio controls, ABS, Dual front airbags,central locking and Bluetooth connectivity.

Tata Safari: Tata Safari is the first Indian Sports Utility Vehicle launched by Tata in 1998. It is the first SUV to be designed, developed and manufactured “entirely” in India. The Safari was extensively modified in August 2005 with a new 3-litre DiCOR engine along with modified interiors and exteriors. The Tata Safari DiCOR is one of Tata’s best selling vehicles in India and also has been fairly successful in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Tata Safari Dicor is one of the most popular Indian SUV now at very attractive price starting from Rs. 7.75 lakhs, Hope to get one soon.

Tata Aria: Tata was launched it first MUV as Tata Sierra, or the Tata Sierra Turbo, later on the vehicle was Discontinued. In the latest a MUV has been launched as Tata Aria a new breed indeed because it neither a MUV nor a SUV. Its a crossover SUV, blending of an MPV, Sedan and an SUV with lost of features including GPS,airbags, ABS and ESP and automatic climate control and cruise control, with a priced at 13-15 lakhs Indian rupees. Another Multi Utility Vehicle by Tata is Tata Winger, a Maxi Van range for a comfortable traveling experience.

Tata Sumo: The mid size car and utility vehicle falls in the category of Light Utility Vehicles. Tata Sumo was one of the first passenger vehicles designed in India and was launched in 1994. Tata Sumo is also used as multi-utility vehicle and become one of the most selling multi utility vehicles in Tata Motors portfolio. In later part of the year’s Tata Motors launched the upgraded versions of Sumo as Tata Sumo Victa, Tata Spacio and Tata Sumo Grande.

Tata Ace: Tata Motors has launched its mini-truck named as Tata Ace, India’s first mini-truck in the range of Rs 2.25 lakh to 2.35 lakh. The Tata Ace is another most successful product of Tata Motors in competition with the Bajaj Auto, Piaggio and Mahindra. Tata Motors also launched the passenger variant of the Ace, named Tata Magic and Tata Venture a minivan. Another product of Tata motors is Tata Xenon a lifestyle pick-up truck and one of the best 4×4 product form TaTa.

Tata LPT Trucks: Tata Trucks is a division of Tata Motors, which is India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacture. After acquired Daewoo’s truck, Tata Motor worked with Tata Daewoo to develop trucks for global market such as Novus and World Truck Prima. Tata trucks are well design according to the Indian road with a great performance. Most of the trucks used in India are either made by TATA and Ashok Leyland.

Tata Starbus: The Tata range of buses includes luxury buses, Coach buses, intercity coach and school buses. Tata has also launched luxury public transport bus models, named as Tata Starbus. Tata Starbus is available in comprehensive range of variants, with or without low floor, with seating capacity of 16 to 67. Tata is the world’s second largest bus manufacturer and acquired stake Hispano Carrocera and joint venture with Marcopolo.

Tata Mine Protected Vehicle: Currently Tata Motors produces almost everything from passenger vehicles to the military vehicles. Tata Motors has proudly providing vehicles to military and paramilitary forces of India as well as other countries. List of few Tata Motors vehicles to military are Tata Mine Protected Vehicle, Tata LSV (Light Specialist Vehicle), Tata LPTA 1615 and Tata SD.



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  • Mohit says:

    TATA Motors is a sucking company. Except Indigo, all its cars were a failure one. Again, Maruti suzuki is largest car manufacturer. It’s market share is above 50%.

    Regarding heavy vehicles, it has a good market leadership. One more thing, how can you rate Nano & Indica as the best 10 TATA Products. Nano is a failure car. It is unable to sell above 80,000 units an year.

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