5 Most Adventures River Sports in India

Riding on water of rivers is a different and unique experience than on the sea waves, Sea and River Sports in India has got pretty good option as far as water sports is concerned. Most of the rivers in India are originates from upper Himalayas in North India. These rivers are among the best in the world for river water sports like Rafting, Yachting, Fishing and Sculling. So North India is the best choice for the rafters in India, The best rives for rafting in India are Ganges, Alakanda, Yumna and Bhagirathi. There are several more areas which are perfect for ocean water sports in India like Goa, Kerala and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

White Water River Rafting


River sports in India are the most popular and adventures sports for youngsters. River Rafting is a thrilling sport that is mostly played on the turbulent water of mountainous rivers. India has many rivers for Water Sports to explore and enjoy, Indus River and Rishikesh are best place for white water rafting in India.



Kayaking is a fairly young sport in India, t is one of the best water sports which can warm and excite you. India offers lots of destinations throughout the country for enjoying Kayaking sports. The great rivers in India offer an exciting range of adventure activities.



Canoeing is just a perfect water sports for who love dare to challenge the currents of waters. Canoeing is the fun, exciting and adventures water sports. Beautiful lakes and dams situated in India are also offer most enjoyable places for canoeing.


Rowing is a sport in which athlete’s race against each other on rivers or dams.Rowing is one of the best water sports for to increase strength speed and stamina.The Calcutta Rowing Club is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the world.



Coracling is a traditional fishing boats commonly found on the rivers Kaveri and Tungabhadra in Southern India. Coracles are design in shape of bowl with a big diameter made by primarily from bamboos. Originally coracles are designed for general transport but now used as water sports and giving tourists rides.

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