Kushti:The Indian Wrestling

kushti-Indian-wrestlingKushti: The style of Indian wrestling, also know as Pehlwani and the person referred as  Pehlwan. kushti, The traditional Indian wrestling take place in “Akhada“. Akhada is a place for practicing the Indian wrestling, in other words the school of wrestling. Indian wrestler or pehlwan live under some strict set of rules made by the trainer or ustad.There are very few Akhada’s are remaining in India. Some dedicated peoples are still working to keep alive The India Wrestling.This is very popular sport in India as well as in neighbor countries .India has won titles in Commonwealth Games held at jamaica.India has hosted the world wrestling championships. The famous Indian wrestler, Sushil Kumar has won medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Sushil Kumar has made an history by reaching in the final of London 2012 Summer Olympics. The Indian World Champion wrestler Sushil kumar is the winner of the gold medal in the 66 kg freestyle competition at the FILA 2010.

Sushil Kumar: The Famous Indian wrestler from Jat family in a village called Baprola near Delhi. The Indian World Champion wrestler and winner of gold medal and a bronze medal in the 66 kg freestyle competition at the FILA 2010 World Wrestling Championships and  Wrestling event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Indian Grappler is one verge of creating history by reaching in the final of 66 kg freestyle wrestling championship and only hope of India to win a gold in London Olympic 2012 . He is one of India’s best-ever individual Olympian by assuring at least a silver or hope for gold.Yogeshwar Dutt another Indian wrestler has won a bronze in London Olympic Games 2012. Other good Indian male wrestlers as Amit and Narsingh are out from freestyle wrestling game of London Olympics campaign 2012.Sushil-Kumar-Indian-WrestlerIn Indian wrestling physical training means to build strength and develop muscle.There are some specific exercises that wrestler should do on daily basis, Surya Namaskara, shirshasan,the dand and bethak. The freestyle type of Indian wrestling is one of the most popular and traditional sport from India. Punjab is well known for its wrestlers or Pahalwan and its one of best place to learn Kushti or Indian wrestling.Indian wrestlerDiet’s of Indian wrestler are very restricted it contains ghee milk along with almonds,green vegetables,banana,apple and water melon in fruits.Consumption of tobacco and alcohol are strongly prohibited for the Pahalwan of India. There are only few major place remain where the Indian wrestling is practice and the place is known as Akahra’s, for more follow the link major akahra’s in India.Indian wrestlerThe Great Khali : The Giant wrestler from India real name Dalip Singh Rana also know as Giant Singh. Khali the great is a professional wrestler of WWE. Khali is the first Indian professional wrestler to be signed a contract by World Wrestling Entertainment. The great khali was a police officer in the Punjab state police.The Great Khali has face many challenges to its entire journey from Dalip Singh Rana to The Giant wrestler.He has also appeared in three Hollywood film.



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