The 5 Adventures Aero Sports In India

Aero sports are a part of most adventure sports,which has gained popularity in India. Aerosports hold a special appeal for those who want to rise above the ordinary level. Air sports are the best adventure sport which should try to experience the thrill in air and breathtaking views of the countryside. As of now Aerosports are still in its infancy in India. The basic techniques of hang gliding, launching, turning, landing. India offers excellent locations for all types of flying sports such as paragliding, hang gliding and ballooning. Aerobatics and Gliding are not as much popular,compare to other flying recreational activities in India.


The recreational flying sport, paragliding is a fun, thrill and safe way to experience flight in its simplest form. There are two types of paragliding, single and tandem, with tandem paragliding one can enjoy the thrill of flying without learn it. Many schools and flying clubs in India are offering courses in paragliding and all other aerosports. The main destinations for paragliding in India range from hilly to coastal regions and from planes to desert regions. Sanasar, An undiscovered haven in Jammu is the hub of paragliding in India.


Hot air ballooning is most adventures sports, which can take you to enjoy the great heights in sky. Hot air ballooning as an adventure sport is quite new or still in its infancy in India. The hot air ballooning is adventures, fun, thrill and most exciting way to discover the sky, and have the bird’s eye view of the land from a height. Rajasthan,”The Royal State Of India” is one of the best destination for Hot air ballooning in India. During pushkar camel fair, hot air ballooning is one of the major attraction of adventures travel of Rajasthan.

Hang Gliding

The extreme open sky hang gliding adventures sports is most exciting and affordable solution for most people who has desire to fly. The extreme Sports can enjoy from great hills flying to the coastal region almost throughout the year. Hang gliding is a unique way to fly solo in air like a bird. There are many great flying locations around India,Kangra valley and Dharmakot in Himachal Pradesh are one of the famous destinations for hang gliding in India.

Para Motoring

Para motoring is one of the popular aerosports in India. It consists of a frame that combines the light weight 2 stroke engine with a pusher prop strapped on your back, It is also known as powered paragliding. The ultimate adventure come into picture,when you flying over the virgin jungle, mountains, rivers and local villages.

Sky Diving

The most thrill open sky adventures sport is also known as parachuting or parachute jumping. Sky diving is has a very limited scope in India compare to other air sports. Parachuting is the action of exiting an aircraft or jumping off of a tall structure, and returning to earth. The sports authority of Gujarat is in the process of developing the state as a destination for adventure aero sports, especially skydiving. Indian parachuting federation which promote and organizes sky diving in India.


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