The Abode of Clouds – Meghalaya

Meghalaya means the abode of clouds,also nicknamed as the “Scotland of the East” is the second most popular state of Northeast India. Shillong is the state capital and region is wettest place of India as well as notable for biodiversity of mammals, birds and plants.

Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong Village of Meghalaya state is the cleanest village in India as well as cleanest in Asia. The Mawlynnong alos has one of the highest literacy rate in North East India.

Cherrapunji and Mawsynram


Cherrapunji and Mawsynram are two wettest place in India, located nearby to each other in East Khasi Hills district.

Mawsynram is wettest place on Earth and receives highest rainfalls in the world.
Cherrapunji is second wettest place on Earth and receives the most rainfall in a calendar month.


Cherrapunji is located in the East Khasi Hills, around 55 km from Shillong and a must visit place in India to experience plenty of rain, astonishing waterfalls and striking natural caves.

Living Root Bridges


Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya are found around the villages of Shnongpdeng, Kudeng Rim, Khonglah and Cherrapunji. The root bridges are also been found in Nagaland as well as other island of Indonesia.

Meghalaya Waterfalls


The state of Meghalaya is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and famous Garo Khasi and Jaintia Hills. Nohkalikai Falls near Cherrapunji is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and highest waterfalls of Meghalaya followed by Nohsngithiang Falls and Langshiang Falls.

Nohkalikai Falls
Nohsngithiang Falls
Langshiang Falls
Kynrem Falls
Elephant Falls
Sweet Falls

The spectacular waterfalls of Meghalaya also include Ka Likai Falls, Bishop Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Crinoline Falls, Beadon Falls, Rongbangdare, Pelgadare and Gandrak Falls.


Shillong hill station of Meghalaya is voted as India’s Favourite Hill Station in North East and refer as Scotland of the East. The capital city also offers list of places of tourist interest such as near by Elephant Falls, Shillong Golf Course, Shillong Peak, Sweet Falls and Laitlum Canyon at the end of the hills.

Caves of Meghalaya


Meghalaya is home to large number of natural caves and also home to longest and deepest caves in India. Krem Liat Prah cave in the Jaintia Hills is the longest natural cave in India, followed by Mawsmai Cave and Siju limestone cave.

Krem Liat Prah
Mawsmai Cave
Siju Cave
Krem Mawmluh
Mawjymbuin Cave

Meghalaya Caverns and Caves are still unexplored and offers caving expeditions by Caving in the Abode of the Clouds Project.



Dawki is a riverside town in West Jaintia Hills district on the border between India and Bangladesh. This place has emerged as youngest tourist destination in Meghalaya for crystal clear water of river Umngot.

Umiam Lake


Umiam Lake is the reservoir of Umiam Dam near Shillong and a major tourist destination for the state. Tourist attractions of Umiam Lake include water sports such as kayaking,boating, water cycling and jet scooting.

Laitlum Canyon


Laitlum Canyon near Shillong is a must visit picturesque tourist destination of Meghalaya. The beautiful hilltop of the canyons are little explored and offers breathtaking landscape at great heights with rocky hills.


Tura hill valley town of Meghalaya is home to many interesting and unexplored areas. The popular tourist destinations of Meghalaya such as Siju Cave, Balpakram and Nokrek National Park, hotspot of biodiversity in Meghalaya pass through Tura Town.

Balphakram National Park


Balphakram National Park near the Garo Hills is known as a lesser known pocket of pristine beauty in Meghalaya. The park is sometime compared to the Grand Canyon National Park and home to rare animals including wild water buffalo,marbled cat,golden cat and red panda.

Sacred Groves in Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya has large variety of wild animals, birds and reptiles, important mammal species of Meghalaya include hoolock gibbon, red panda, clouded leopard and the birds include grey peacock pheasant, great Indian hornbill and the blue jay and the state also has a large variety of rarest bat species.

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