The Naga Sadhus of India in Maha Kumbh Mela of Allahabad

In the second Kumbh of this era and the maha kumbh mela of 2013, thousand’s holy men of India or Naga sadhus participated for holy bath in four auspicious days.


There are total 13 Akahara’s divided as Shaiv (monks) Akhara,Bairagi (Vaishnav) Akhara,and Nirmal (Udaseen Akhara).


These Akahara are located in different region of India such as Haridwar,Rajasthan,and Allahabad. Haridwar or Hari ki puri in Uttarakhand is home of most of the major Akahara’s.


The panchadasam juna akahara from Haridwar is the oldest and biggest among all akahara’s, other are Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani,Agni,panchatati akahara mahanirvani, panchayati akahara niranjani,Anand akahara and bada udaseeen akahara.


Each and every sadhu belongs to any of the above Akahara and have their main deity to worship.


March of Sadhu during the Maha Sankranti day.


A Sadhu smoking ganja in the pandal of one of the Akahara in Kumbh Mela 2013.


The Akahada are named as Jana akahara, Avahan, Agni, Nirvani,Digambar aani Akhada, Nimrohi aani Akhada then neutral akahara known as udaseen.


The Major Akahara’s of Haridwar are Juna Akhara, Naya Udasin Akhara,niranjani akhara mandi,Udasin Bara Akahara or Shree Panchayati Bada Akhara.


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