Top Ten Major Akhara’s in India

Kushti, the traditional mud wrestling of India is the ancient sport in India and oldest in the world. As per Indian epics Mahabharata has great wrestlers included Bhima,Jarasandha, Duryodhan and Karna Ramayana also mentions Hanuman as one of the greatest wrestlers of that time. India had and still have great wrestlers, In 1962 Asian Games seven wrestlers from India were placed for medal list and they won 12 medals in freestyle wrestling. Indian wrestling titles are the Rostam of India,Rustam-i-Hind,Bharat-Kesri and Hind Kesari. In the recent Olympic 2012 Indian wrestlers have won the Silver and bronze medal for the country,This will help the dying Indian wrestling to touch the sky. Thanks to kushtiwrestling blog (Image Source) for sharing every information about the traditional sport Indian wrestling.

Guru-Rajkumar-Goswami-Akhada -Punjab


Guru Shyam Lal akhara -Haryana

Guru Chand Roop Akhara -Delhi


Guru Hanuman Akhara – Delhi


Chandgi Ram Akhara -Delhi


Tulsi Ghat Akhara -Varanasi

Motibag Akhara -Kolhapur

Mullick Ghat Akhara – Kolkata


Bhooteshwar Akhara -Mathura


Hazi Addha Pehalwan ka Akhara -Kanpur

Akahra-Indian wrestler
May be some of the pictures does not belong to the respective Akahra’s,feel free to send or suggest name of Indian wrestling place around your town with pictures.

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