Top 10 Tallest Dams in The World by Height

As per wikipedia, currently the tallest dam in the world is Jinping-I Dam of China, followed by Nurek Dam in Tajikistan and again couple of tallest dams from China. Here is the list of top 10 tallest dams of the world by total height.

Jinping-I Dam (305 m), China

Jinping-I Dam of China is currently the tallest dam in the world equipped with a controlled spillway and the power station of 3,600 MW capacity.

Nurek Dam (300 m), Tajikistan

Nurek Dam on the Vakhsh river in Tajikistan is is currently the world’s second tallest dam after Jinping-I Dam. The under construction Rogun Dam of Tajikistan will be tallest in the world once completed.

Xiaowan Dam (292 m ), China

Xiaowan Dam is the third highest dam behind Jinping-I and Nurek with 292 m (958 ft) height and the reservoir has a normal storage capacity.

Xiluodu Dam (285.5 m ), China

The Xiluodu is the fourth biggest dam in the world, provides flood control, navigation and power station which is currently the third largest power station in the world.

Grande Dixence Dam (285 m), Switzerland

Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland is the tallest gravity dam in the world, tallest dam in Europe and also fifth highest dam in the world by toatl height.

Enguri Dam (271.5 m), Georgia

Enguri Dam in Georgia is the major dam and hydroelectric project near the town Jvari. The arch dam with 271.5 metres height is also the second highest concrete arch dam in the world.

Yusufeli Dam (270 m), Turkey

Yusufeli arch dam is the highest dam in Turkey on the coruh river, Also expected biological impacts on the threatened plant, fish and regionally rare species of butterfly.

Nuozhadu Dam (261.5 m), China

Nuozhadu Dam in Yunnan Province of China is one of the top five largest dams in China also creates a reservoir for flood control and navigation.

Chicoasen Dam (261 m), Mexico

Chicoasen Dam or Manuel Moreno Torres on the Grijalva river is an embankment dam, tallest dam in Mexico as well as house largest power station of the Mexico.

Tehri Dam (260.5 m), India

Tehri Dam is the tallest dam of India and one of the top 10 highest dams in the world, on the Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand. The rock and earth-fill embankment dam is 260.5 high and reservoir has surface area of 52 km2.

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