10 Spectacular and Most Amazing Natural Wonders of India

India is also called as land of wonders, there are so many mysterious and Unsolved places and things available across the country. Some of the most amazing natural wonders of India includes Amarnath Temple,Manikaran hot springs,Jwalaji temple,Drang-Drung Glacier,Coral Reefs Lakshadweep,Columnar Basaltic Lava,Magnet Hill Ladakh and Barren Island.

Top 15 Lesser Known Wonders Of Incredible India

Borra Guhalu


The Borra Caves are called Borra Guhalu,located in the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku valley on the East Coast of India. Borra Caves are the deepest cave in India and house of bats,golden gecko,fulvous fruit bat and Insects.

Living Root Bridge


The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji are also known as Double Decker Living Root Bridge are made from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree, located in the Indian state Meghalaya.

Lonar Crater Lake


The third largest crater which is two kilometer in radius and about 100 meter deep is located near Mehkar in Buldana of Maharashtra. Lonar crater lake is the world’s oldest meteoric crater and the only one formed in basalt rock.

Sundarbans Mangroves


The Sundarbans mangrove forest is the largest such forests in the world and one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger. Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests and Sundarbans Mangroves provides a unique ecosystem and a rich wildlife habitat.

Marble Rocks


The Marble Rocks located near Jabalpur MP India are a canyon or gorge on Narmada River. Holy Narmada river has carved the soft marble, creating a beautiful gorge of about 3 km in length and one of the most popular Indian tourist destination.

Majuli Islands


The largest river island in the world is known as Incredible Majuli island, located in the banks of Brahmaputra River in Assam. Majuli is a hotspot for flora and fauna and home to many rare and endangered avifauna species.

Dudhsagar Falls


Monsoon brings the Sea of Milk or the magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall from the high peaks of the Western Ghats. Dudhsagar Falls is listed among the top 10 highest water falls in India and one of the most beautiful in the world.

Floating Lake

loktak lake

The only Floating lake in the world known as Loktak Lake of Manipur is the largest freshwater in North -East India and the only home to endangered sangai or brow-antlered deer. Loktak Lake is rich biodiversity with habitat for 57 species of waterbirds and another 14 species of wetland associated birds.

Wildlife Corridor


The Mudumalai Sanctuary is the meeting point of the Western ghats and Eastern Ghats, Situated at the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka on the North Eastern Slopes of the Nilgiris hills.

Valley of Flowers


The flower valley of Uttarakhand is known for its beautiful meadows of endemic alpine flowers, variety of flora and stunning landscape. Valley of Flowers National Park is also home to rare and endangered animals and birds.


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