Top 15 Lesser Known Wonders Of Incredible India

India is a land of unlimited wonders that includes 25 Historical Wonders,Seven Wonders and Natural Wonders, there are variety of wonders landscapes, amazing monuments and places to explore in India which are lesser known. Natural wonders of Incredible India includes Lonar Crater lake,Living root bridges,Mahabalipuram Balancing Rock,Hot Water Springs Manikaran,Magnet Hill Ladakh and Lakshadweep coral island.

Wonders of Incredible India भारत के ऐतिहासिक चमत्कार

Hanging Pillar, Andhra Pradesh


The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi does not rest on the ground, It is one of the wonders of India and other wonders of Lepakshi includes biggest monolithic Nandi statue, Kalyan Mantapam and Shiva Lingam with seven headed snake and Giant Footprint of Lord Hanuman.

Maravanthe NH-17, Karnataka


Maravanthe is a village, a beach and a beautiful road between Suparnika River and Arabian Sea, this spectacular scenery is considered the only one of its kind in India. The Maravanthe beach is beautiful tourist attraction of National Highway 17 and one of Karnataka’s most beautiful beach.

Rani Ki Vav Stepwell, Gujarat


Rani ki vav or Queen step well is recently added world heritage site in India, located on the banks of Saraswati River near Patan in Gujarat. The step well is the oldest and the grandest stepwell in the state and this magnificent underground structures is ranked one of the ancient stepwells in India.

St. Mary’s Islands, Karnataka


St. Mary’s Islands is also known as Coconut Island is one of the four geological monuments in Karnataka state and one of the 26 Geological Monuments of India. The island is considered as an important site for Geo Tourism, located in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe.

Gandikota Canyon, Andhra Pradesh


Gandikota Grand Canyon is also known as the Hidden Grand Canyon of India,situated on the right bank of the Pennar river in Andhra Pradesh. The fort of Gandikota is one of the greatest forts of south India and there are two ancient temples, dedicated to Madhava and Ranganatha.

Lingana Pinnacle, Maharashtra


The pinnacle of Lingana is the highest point of Sahyadris Mountain range, situated between Raigad and Torna in Raigad district. Lingana is a massive pinnacle and shape of the fort pinnacle resembles to shape of Shivalinga.

Kumbhalgarh Wall, Rajasthan


The Great wall of Kumbhalgarh fort is known as Great Wall of India, is the second largest wall in the world. Kumbhalgarh fort is the second largest fort of the state and included in Hill Forts of Rajasthan.

Siju Water Cave, Meghalaya


Siju Cave is famous for bat cave,stalagmites and stalagtites,located near Naphak Lane in Meghalaya and filled with underground water. The cave is the third longest cave system in India and home to some rarest bat species,joint-legged invertebrate animals, scorpions and other arthropods.

Savandurga Hill, Karnataka


Savandurga Hill near Bangalore is the largest monolith hills in India and among the largest monolith hills in Asia. The Black White hill is home to the endangered yellow-throated bulbuls, vultures and other wild animals including sloth bear and leopard.

Nighoj Potholes, Maharashtra


Nighoj Potholes are formed in bedrock of Nighoj river about 90 kilometres away from Pune. These potholes are geological wonders and also the Asia’s largest natural potholes,the Malaganga temple is famous and near by places of interest in Maharashtra.

Mahabat Maqbara, Gujarat


Mahabat Maqbara is one of the stunning mausoleum in India and One of Gujarat’s most glorious and spectacular monument. This mausoleum of Nawab Mahabat is ranked as one of the abandoned place in India.

Hide Seek Beach, Odisha


Chandipur beach is known as the hide and seek beach of Orissa,the water recedes from 1 to 4 kilometers during the ebb tide. The unique phenomenon of Chandipur-on-sea beach has a long coastline that appears and disappears with every high and low tide.

Sambhar Salt Lake, Rajasthan


Sambhar Salt Lake is located near the city of Jaipur along National Highway 8 in Rajasthan. The lakes India’s largest inland saline lake and recognized as wetland of international importance, thousands of flamingos and other migratory birds visit the lake.

Yaganti Growing Nandi, Andhra Pradesh


Yaganti Nandi Statue is one of the lesser known wonders of incredible India,Nandi idol is believe to be continuously increasing. Archaeological Survey of India has confirmed that Nandi statue is growing,Yaganti Nandi Statue is one of the tallest statue of Nandi in South India.

Phugtal Monastery, Jammu and Kashmir


Phuktal Monastery is located remotely in Zanskar at then Himalayan region of Ladakh,built around a natural cave. Phugtal Gompa Buddhist Monastery remains frozen during the winter season and can be reached only by foot,donkeys and mules.

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