Thar-The Great Indian Desert

Great Thar Desert: The Great Indian Desert Thar lies mostly in the Royal Rajasthan states of India, and extended into the some portion of Haryana, punjab and Rann of Kutch in Gujrat. Thar desert covers eastern Sindh province and some area of Pakistan Punjab as well. The maximum area is covered in Rajasthan, India and total covers area is 208,110 km. It is said to be “The Great Indian Desert” is extending towards UP and MP as well. A camel safari into the Thar desert is an experience not to be missed for tourist. Best time to visit The Great Indian Desert is between Oct to March. The Desert National Park, Jaisalmer  has a collection of fossils of animals and plants of 180 million years old. Some fossils of Dinosaurs of 6 million years old have also been found in the area

The Camel also known as “Ship of the desert” is the best way to explorer The Great Indian Desert. Evening of the state of maharajas, Rajasthan is most beautiful with awesome scenic view.Some wildlife species,which are about to extinct in other parts of India, are found here in large numbers,such as the Great Indian Bustard, the Blackbuck and the “Indian wild Ass”. The Desert National Park, Jaisalmer, spread over an area of 3162 km, is an excellent example of the ecosystem  of the Great Thar Desert. The golden fox,caracal,snakes,lizard are the few wild animal found in Thar desert region of India.The three most important things to survive into the Thar desert are prosopis cineraria tree a goat and a camel. With these three things together any one can sustain under the most trying condition, another species of tree is rohida that found in Thar Desert.The people of Thar have a great passion for music and poetry. people get together to play soft music and dance. This event continues to till late nights.Thar peoples travel miles of distance to get one potter of water. Woman’s of Thar Desert love to wear beautiful jewelry.Rajasthan desert festival is held once a year during winters. Camels play a very important role in the desert life as well as in the Desert Festival, Rajasthan folk and rich culture can be seen in this festival.These are few major attraction of Thar Desert, follow the link to know more.

Ship of the desert


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