The Rann of Kutch of Great Indian Thar Desert

Great Rann of Kutch


The Rann of Kutch is a wasteland of thousand of kilometers with no water bodies no trees nothing, Almost like a land of dead, absolutely dead. Rann of Kutch is divided into major parts known as Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch along with Banni grasslands. Great Rann of Kutch is located in the famous Thar Desert area of Kutch District in Gujarat. The Rann of Kutch is largest salt desert in the world and a unique place to explore in India of , Kutch is situated between the Gulf of Kutch and Indus River and support variety of flora and fauna.



Rann of Kutch contains salt desserts and grassland of many species of grasses. The small grass of Banni Grasslands located on the marshy salt flats of Rann of Kutch. Marsh region consists of apluda and cenchrus species of grasses along with dry thorny shrubs. There is no big tree throughout the Rann, except one stupid tree call Prosopis juliflora.



The area is well famous for Indian Wild Ass found in the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary at Little Rann of Kutch. Indian Wild Ass or khur shares the land with other wild animal such as Indian wolf, desert cat,hedgehog,golden jackal, threatened blackbuck and the biggest antelope Nilgai. Wild animals in the wild Sanctuaries of Kutch district includes Indian boar,Striped Hyena, desert fox and the Caracal.



The Avifauna of Rann of Kutch has a wide variety from waterbirds like cranes, flamingos and pelicansto the desert birds great Indian bustards,Lesser Florican and Houbara Bustard. Great Rann of Kutch is the only place in India where flamingos come to breed along with Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve. The great Rann is home to hundred of species of local and migratory birds along with spectacular birds of prey like majestic eagles, fascinating buzzards and elegant harriers with short eared owl.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

Rann of Kutch is home to many wildlife sanctuaries such as  Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary the largest wildlife Sanctuary in India, Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Kutch Bustard Sanctuary,Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary and Little desert of Kutch. These wildlife conservation area are home to several wild animals,birds and reptiles like species of lizards and snakes along with spiders and Desert Scorpions.

Banni Grasslands


The Banni Grasslands is protected reserves in the Salt marsh region of Rann of Kutch in Kutch District. Banni Grasslands is known as rich biodiversity and a long wildlife protected forest in India, the only remaining habitats for reintroduction of the Cheetah in India. The grasslands is home to Chinkara, Wild boar, Blackbuck and Indian hare and for Cheetahs hopefully in near future. Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve is one of the marshy wetlands of the Banni grasslands and best place for water birds waterfowl, cranes and Painted Stork.

Chir Batti


The world famous Chir Batti is light of ghost appear in the Banni grasslands of Rann of Kutch. Chir Batti appear at the junction of marshy wetland,salt flats and the desert near the Indian border. The ghost light occurrs on dark nights and colors of light keep changing to blue, red and yellow, Its one of the unexplained Natural Wonders Of India.

Kutch Rann Utsav


The famous Rann Utsav or Kutch mahotsav is the major cultural event held in November–December month in every year at Kutch District. The Carnival of Kutch is one of the mega and most colourful festivals of Gujarat and the part of “Khushboo Gujarat Ki”campaign. The cultural events,folk dance,traditional Gujarati dishes and handicrafts are the major attraction of this desert festival.


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