The Five Most Scenic Ghat Roads of Nilgiri Hills

The Nilgiri mountains or blue mountains of India also referred as the Nilgiri Hills, are a range of mountains located in Tamil Nadu and home to least 24 mountain summits. Nilgiris District has many road passes through the mountains and hills, contain a number of sharp hair-pin bends and surrounded by the green trees, National Park and also offers one of the most spectacular scenic drive across India.

Kotagiri Ghat


Kotagiri Ghat of State Highway 15 is the oldest known route of Nilgiri and 4 dangerous hair pin bends. Mettupalayam and Kotagiri is less vulnerable to landslips and offers a great view valley and known as one of the most scenic ghat roads of Nilgiri Hills.

Coonoor Ghat


Coonoor Ghat is also known as Kallar Ghat is one of the most dangerous cum adventrues ghat road of Nilgiri and has 14 Hairpin bends. The National Highway 67 passes through the Coonoor rivers and known as landslides prone region caused by heavy rains.

Gudalur Ghat


Gudalur Ghat is known as Mysore Ghat is the main access route between Karnataka and Kerala. The road is arguably the most scenic road in India and a long stretch runs through the Mudumalai National Park.

Sigur Ghat


The Sigur Ghat also called as Kalhatti Ghat is short-cut branch of the Gudalur ghat in National Highway 67. Sigur Ghat is known as the most dangerous ghat road among other Nilgiri Ghat Roads with 36 hairpin bends, so remain closed in night.

Manjur Ghat


The smallest ghat of Nilgiri Ghat Roads connects Coimbatore city towards Ooty and used as backup route for Coonoor Ghat and the Kotagiri Ghat road. Manjur Ghat road is the narrow one with many hairpin bends. The famous Valparai ghat is another dangerous ghat road in India, located on the Anaimalai Hills range of the Western Ghats near Coimbatore and know for its 40 hairpin bends and only allow to travel from 9 AM to 6PM. There are 5 Ghat Roads of Wayanad in Western Ghats Mountain Ranges.

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