5 Ghat Roads of Wayanad in Western Ghats Mountain Ranges

Wayanad District of Kerala is located at southern tip of the Deccan Plateau in Western Ghats Mountain Ranges with high hills, flat and open area,paddy field and important mountains peak. Wayanad is surrounded by Western Ghats mountain ranges with number of Ghat Roads or high mountain passes with several hairpin curves and bends.

Thamarassery–Lakkidi Ghat Road


Lakkidi is also known as gateway of Wayanad district and one of the highest locations in Wayanad. Thamarassery ghat pass has sight seeing points on ghat road to see lofty mountain peaks,deep valley,breathtaking meadows and hills and the bird’s eye view of surrounded Wayanad.

Nedumpoil–Periya Ghat Road

The town is located on the banks of Mananthavady Puzha and mainly five Ghat roads are used for reaching Mananthavady from coastal town. Tomb of Pazhassi Raja is an important heritage site located in the heart of the town.

Kuttiady–Pakramthalam Ghat Road

Kuttiady town is home to Kuttiady River, Kuttiady Dam-one of the most beautiful dams in Kerala,Valayannur Chira-famous for its natural beauty and Echo tourism Project of Janaki Kadu forest. The Natol thira temple is famous for Kutiady carnival and aniaml fair.

Vazhikkadavu–Nadukani Ghat Road

Vazhikkadavu town the ghat road is known as Nadukani Churam located on the CNG (Calicut-Nilambur-Gudalur) road. This road is not a direct link to Wayanad but this road connects Nilambur to Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state then towards Wayanad.

Kottiyoor–Ambayathode–Palchuram–Boys Town Ghat Road

Boys Town Ghat road connects lower hilly towns and villages of Kannur and Kasargod districts with Wayanad. Kottiyoor village is located in the serene hills of Western Ghats and home to Wild Life Sanctuary of Kerala and Kottiyoor Vysakha Mahotsavam.


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