Top 10 Major Tourist Attractions of India

India has a large number of beautiful sights and attractions,situated around the every region of country. These places are the major domestic as well as international tourist attraction and a source of income for the country. Every Indian state has its own treasure to display such as The Taj Mahal,Kerala backwaters,Western Ghats and Wildlife. What To See ? Here are the list of Attractions of India.

Monuments: The Historical Indian monuments such as Red fort, The Taj Mahal,Victoria Memorial,Mahabodhi Temple and The Golden Temple are represent rich past and legacy of India. Cultural and Natural Heritage of India are listed as the World Heritage Sites in the country and one of the most visited tourist place.The-Taj-MahalFestivals: India is the land of festival and these festivals are an integral part of Indian culture and people. Festivals show the cultural of the country and tradition of its people,Every state of India celebrate their respective festival along with some national festivals. Fairs and Festivals of India are celebrated during the change of seasons or religious celebration.Vijayadashami-CelebrationCuisines: Indian cuisine has a very wide variety of regional food primarily of curries, kebabs, and chutneys. These regional foods are very tasty and offers a wide range of choice from north Indian chicken dishes to south Indian Idli sambhar. Food of India are world famous for its delicious taste and spicy flavor.Chicken CurryVillages: Villages are the The soul of India with a very beautiful and attractive lifestyle. Indian villages are agriculture based section lives in group of small huts around the water resource. Villages of India are the best place to live a healthy life.Indian-village-houseTemples: Temples in India are spread over almost each and every part of the country, These Religious places are reflect and followers of the Hindu. The 1000 years old temples are major attraction and its architecture highlights the history of Hindustan.Brihadishwara-TemplePalaces: Forts and Palaces of Bikaner,Jaisalmer, Jodpur, Udaipur and palaces of Mysore are the true reflection of its the royalty. The majestic historic structures are most often vast complexes of enormous dimensions and well-maintained. Indian Forts and Palaces are the country’s treasured manuscripts narrating the saga of this Land of Maharajas.Umaid-Bhavan-PalaceBeaches: India is a country with some of the most beautiful beaches with its long coastline of Arabian Sea and bay of Bengal. Beaches in India play a important role to attract the tourist through its natural beauty, white sand and blue ocean. Backwater of Kerala and beaches of Goa are the top listed destination among other seashore places.Beaches-in-GoaWildlife: India is very rich in wild forest, parks and sanctuaries, diversity of these lands makes it one of the best spot for flora and fauna. The dense and dark forest of Indian states provide home to a wide and unique variety of animals. Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian lions, elephants, rhinoceros, India leopard and numerous species of birds and reptiles are major tourist attractions.Sariska-Tiger-ReserveNatural Beauty: India is blessed with nature and gifted with immense beauty from rolling hills to deep valley and snow covered mountains to lush green carpet. Western Ghat of India is well famous for its natural beauty along with the North east India. These place are slice of paradise which are yet to explore fully.Khasi-Hills-MeghalayaTraditional Sports: Sports are the part of ancient India and its culture, the traditional sport such as martial arts,Inbuan, chaupar,kho-kho, kabaddi and Kushti The Indian wrestling are some of the most famous games played in India. Indian martial art and Indian wrestling are two oldest games of ancient Indian era.kalaripayattu-martial-arts

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