Top 5 Famous and Spicy Chicken Dishes of India

Due to the different religions in India, a lot peoples do not eat beef and pork so chicken in the most preferred non-vegetarian food item all across India. Chicken has a wide range of variations in dishes,like chicken curry, Tandoori chicken, Kabab etc. Chicken dishes are looks like same to each other,but the taste is delicious.
Here are some Famous and Spicy Indian chicken dishes,that you love to have.

Chicken Curry: Chicken curry is one of the famous and spicy chicken dish in India.This is a very simple and delicious chicken dish and good for those who love a very spicy chicken dish.Every major region brings out its own unique chicken curry recipes with slight variations. Chicken Kolhapuri is one of the most spicy chicken curry in India.Chicken Masala: Chicken Masala is one of the most Favorite and oldest South-Indian chicken dish. Delicious and Spicy chicken masala tastes great and is one of the best chicken dishes ever made.Recipe of Spicy  Chicken Marsala is one the quick and easy chicken recipes.Kadhai Chicken: Kadhai chicken means chicken cooked in”Kadhai”. Kadai, is an Indian cooking pot that looks like a wok. kadai chicken is a high protein food that can be cooked for any occasion. Kadhai Chicken is the most popular dish in is a north Indian chicken dish.Chicken Kadai is a spicy and delicious chicken dish that is little dry and cooked with a rich aroma given by the Ginger,onions and tomatoes. Chicken Handi: It is also one of the spicy chicken dish in India. It is quite different from the above listed dishes.Its does take a little time but its easy to cook and taste great. Its a traditional dish cooked in a handi (a cooking pot with a lid) with a creamy sauce which gives an unexpected unique flavor.Chicken handi masala appeals to those who like delicious spicy food.Butter Chicken: Butter Chicken made as mild but can be adjust by the use of cayenne to make it more spicy according  to your wish.Butter chicken is very popular among the all Indian restaurants. Butter chicken also known as murgh makhani, its a dish from Punjab.Yummy or delicious are the two words which you will sure utter after having the most famous Indian Butter chicken.


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