Top 12 Famous and Colourful Mahotsav in India

India’s famous fair and festival includes Pushkar Fair,Sonepur Fair and the grand Kumbh Mela are the major attraction of international tourist. These annual Mahotsav display a colorful image of India’s diverse culture,religions,festival,Art and crafts. Famous colorful Mahotsav of India are Ganga Mahotsav of Varanasi,Surjakund Mela,Chhath Mahotsav,Rann Mahotsav of kutch and Taj Mahotsav of Agra.

Ganga Mahotsav – Varanasi


The famous Ganga Mahotsav is a five day event held in the cultural capital of India and one of the oldest living city of India,Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi. Ganga Mahotsav reflects the traditional and cultural heritage of the Varanasi at the Ghats of holy river Gange, Every Ghats of Varanasi are lightest with lamps during this annual grand festival celebrated on the occasion of Kartik Poornima.

Raas Mahotsav – Howli


The Majuli Raas Mahotsav held every year in November at Howly town in the island of Majuli in Assam. Raas Mahotsav is a place to explore traditions of majuli people and Brahmaputra river culture along with art and crafts, fold dances and color of Assam.

Lucknow Mahotsav – Lucknow


The famous Lucknow Mahotsav organized to promote the Art, Culture and Tourism of Uttar Pradesh. The 10 days long festival is the right destination for traditional dramas, Indian classical Kathak dances, music Gharana along with arts & crafts.

Rann Mahotsav – Kutch

Rann Mahotsav

The Rann Mahotsav or Rann Utsav of Kutch is a cultural festival of the unique region of Gujarat. Rann Utsav display the true flavor and cultural of the beautiful region of great rann of Kutch through the many cultural events such as Traditional Dance performance, folk songs and Thar desert safari. Rann Mahotsav held every year in November–December month and one of the major event of the Gujarat Tourism campaign Khushboo Gujarat Ki.

Taj Mahotsav – Agra


The annual 10 day Mahotsav of Agra held in February near the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra,Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahotsav brings the opportunity to display works of art,majestic craft work and magnetic performances of the artistes came from different parts of India .

Maru Mahotsav – Jaisalmer


The world famous three-day Maru Mahotsav is the rich and colorful Rajasthani folk culture festival held every year in February at Jaisalmer. Maru Mahotsav also known as the Desert Festival is known for its unique events such as camel race,traditional dance performance, and other cultural events of royal Rajasthan.

Kalinga Mahotsav – Bhubaneswar


The Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav is a National Festival of Martial art Dance, held every year in the month of February in Orissa. Kalinga Mahotsav is two days long martial dance performance,celebrated to mark the victory of peace over war.

Malabar Mahotsav- Calicut


The famous Malabar Mahotsav is a dance and music festival held on the beach of Calicut now Kozhikode, the coastal town in Kerala. Malabar Mahotsavam display the traditional Malabar Cultural, rituals and native cuisines.

Braj Mahotsav – Mathura-Vrindavan


The Braj Mahotsav is a Festival to display the culture, food and the rituals of Braj region of Mathura. Braj Mahotsav celebrate in the honor of Lord Krishna before the Holi festival,the festival of color. Raas Leela is one of the mega event of the Braj Mahotsav along with other performance by folk artists from the region.

Bhoramdeo Mahotsav – Kawardha


The Bhoramdeo Mahotsav celebrated in the Bhoramdeo Temple of Lord Shiva at Kawardha in the tribal state Chhattisgarh. Bhoramdeo temple is old Hindu temple located between the dense forests and surrounded by Maikal mountains range, It is also known as Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. The festival of Bhoramdeo Mahotsav is celebrated every year in the last week of the month of March.

Van Mahotsav – Madhya Pradesh


The Van Mahotsav is annual day to plant trees, celebrated during the first week of month July. Van Mahotsav is celebrated across the India by planting of trees along with small road side events about the forest conservation.

Buddha Mahotsav- Tawang


The Buddha Mahotsav is a three day long festival of traditional Buddhist Customary and cultural practice, held on the occasion of Buddha Purnima in Arunachal Pradesh. Buddha Mahotsav festival is also celebrated at Bodhgaya,Ladakh,Sarnath and Kushinagar

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