10 Beautiful Species of Crow Family Found in India

Corvidae is the family of crow that contains the crows, ravens, jackdaws, jays, magpies and Treepie. There are few more species of crows found in India including Eastern Jungle Crow, Andaman treepie,Collared treepie, Red-billed blue magpie and Grey treepie.

House Crow


The house crow is the most common bird of the crow family, found in many parts of the world. House crow with richly glossed black and harsh voice kaaw-kaaw,always found around human habitations and associated with human settlements.

Indian Jungle Crow


Indian jungle crow is very commonly found across India from south of the mountains to the Himalayas and northwestern India. The Indian jungle crow distinguished easily from the house crow by size and in appearance over the grey neck.

Common Raven

The common raven is one of the two largest corvids bird, are extremely versatile, unusually intelligent and opportunistic. Common raven only restricted to regions of northwestern India, Rajasthan and Punjab also adjoining area of thar desert.

Western Jackdaw

The western jackdaw bird from the crow family winters in northern India of Kashmir and is the second smallest member of the crow family. They are also opportunistic feeder and eats a wide variety of foods like plants, insects and invertebrates.

Large-billed Crow

Large-billed crow is a species of jungle crow that varies in size across the range from the India to Southeast Asia. The big crow is extremely versatile, very adaptable and sometimes known by the common name thick-billed crow and together called jungle crow with eastern jungle crow.

Rufous Treepie


Rufous treepie bird is a member of the crow family, native to the Indian Subcontinent and found commonly in open scrub, forest and urban gardens. This species is very adaptable, omnivore feeding on fruits,insects, small mammals, seeds and invertebrates.

White-bellied Treepie

White-bellied treepie bird mainly found in the forest of the Western Ghats, mostly share some areas with the rufous treepie. The white treepie is less associated with human habitation and feeds on seeds, invertebrates, reptiles and rodents.

Common Green-Magpie

Common green-magpie is another beautiful member of the crow family, slightly smaller in size and in green in colour. The green color bird found from the Himalayas to north eastern India, Should be listed as one of the most beautiful birds of paradise in India.

Yellow-billed Blue Magpie

Yellow-billed blue magpie bird belongs to the family Corvidae, across the northern parts of the Indian Subcontinent. The blue magpies are beautiful species of crow like birds and frequently feed on the ground.

Black-headed Jay

Black-headed jay bird from the crow family is found across the Himalayas of India, also occurs in some cultivated areas Nepal and Bhutan. The lanceolated jay species of birds with black head is relative to the Eurasian jay, roughly the same size.

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