10 Most Beautiful Black Color Birds Found in India

Some of the birds that look like blackbirds or black color birds include crows, merlins, ravens, starlings Indian blackbirds. Most common species of black birds found in India are House Crow, Common Raven, Black Drongo, Black Kite, Indian Robin and Purple Sunbird.

Asian Koel


Asian koel is the most common black bird of India, A member of the cuckoo order of birds found in the Indian Subcontinent. Male koel are the black and the bird is a widely knonw for its voice and also used symbol in Indian poetry.

Black Baza


Black Baza is a beautiful and small bird of prey found in the forest of Northeast India, They are found in dense forest and a distinctively coloured raptor, often seen in small groups.

Black Eagle


Black Eagle is rare species of eagle found in India, Like all eagles – black eagle is a large bird of prey. The black eagle eats mammals and breeds in tropical, found in the Himalayan foothills and Western Ghats of peninsular India.

Black Bulbul

Black bulbul also known as the Himalayan black bulbul, is a bird of bulbul family found primarily in the Himalayas. The black bulbul has subspecies like Assam black bulbul, found through Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur also in north-eastern Indian states and border.

Indian Blackbird


Indian blackbird from the thrush family is found only in India and having subspecies like Nilgiri blackbird, black-capped blackbird from Western Ghats of India. The blackbird occurs at the Himalaya as well and subspecies are found in most of the Indian subcontinent.

Sothern Hill Myna


Southern hill myna is a beautiful black bird from the starling family and a resident of the forested regions of south India. The hill myna has a shiny black plumage with beak is bright orange at the base and yellow at the tip.

Racket-tailed Drongo


The greater racket-tailed drongo is a resident breeder of Indian forest and local name in many parts of India is kothwal, Forest guard. Racket-tailed drongo are conspicuous in the forest habitats and active well before dawn and late at dusk.

Indian Black Ibis


Indian black ibis is common bird of agriculture fields and cities of the Indian Subcontinent. The red-naped ibis usually seen in pairs and known for loud calls in the morning on the top of a large tree.

Indian Jungle Crow


The Indian jungle crow is a wild species of crow found across the Indian Subcontinent and differs from the large-billed crow, house crow, eastern jungle crow and common Raven in appearance and range.

Indian Black Vulture


The red-headed vulture is known as Indian black vulture and listed as Critically Endangered bird of India. Indian black vulture population was declined due to the Indian vulture crisis along with other species of vultures found living in India.

Pied Cuckoo, Great Hsornbill, Anhinga, Cormorant and Starling are also has black feather and partially black color birds found in India. The list may is just to highlight the beautiful bird of black color.

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