10 Colorful Species of Green Pigeon Found in India

Green pigeons are the members of Columbidae family distributed across India, Asia and Africa. The beautiful colored Green pigeon birds are usually live in groups or pairs, has been seen at outskirts of cities and towns and
they have diets of various fruits.

Yellow-footed Green Pigeon


The yellow-footed green pigeon is the state bird of Maharashtra and a very common species of green pigeon found in the Indian subcontinent. Hariyal or Hola green pigeon forage in flocks or pair, feeding on fruit and are always found sitting in top of the trees.

Orange-breasted Green Pigeon

Orange-breasted green pigeon found from the Himalayan ranges of the Indian Subcontinent to Southeast Asia and always found in pairs or in small flocks.

This species is widely distributed from the Terai and lower Himalayas and very much similar in appearance to other species of green pigeons found in India including the yellow-footed green pigeon and the grey-fronted green pigeon.

Thick-billed Green Pigeon


The thick-billed green pigeon bird only found in eastern regions of the Indian Subcontinent, from the Eastern Himalayas to Sumatra. Buxa Tiger Reserve in northern West Bengal is one of the best place to spot many species of green pigeons of India.

Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon


Wedge-tailed green pigeon found in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia with variable amount of orange-rufous, greenish yellow with wedge shaped tail.

wedge-tailed green pigeon

The bird also known as Kokla green pigeon and its natural habitats are tropical and lowland forest ranges across Bangladesh, Bhutan,India, Indonesia and Laos.

Imperial Green Pigeon


The green imperial pigeon is one of the large species of forest pigeon found in India, resident breeding bird of southern Asia from India to Indonesia. Imperial green pigeon bird range also extends from southern India and Sri Lanka, an arboreal dove.

Pin-tailed Green Pigeon

The pin-tailed green pigeon is a rare species of green pigeon with mostly yellowish green plumage and has pointed tail feathers. Treron apicauda species of green pigeon bird is found in Indian states of North East, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Grey-fronted Green Pigeon

Grey-fronted green pigeon species in another beautiful bird from the Western Ghats of India, found in the deep and thick forests of the Western Ghats ranges and usually occurs singly or in small groups. They are also the part of the Pompadour green pigeon species complex found in India along withAshy-headed Green Pigeon and Andaman green pigeon.

Ashy-headed Green Pigeon


Ashy-headed green pigeon found in northeast India and also a species from the pompadour green pigeon complex. The pigeon from the genus Treron also spotted in Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Photo Credit – SanjibIfs.

Andaman Green Pigeon

Andaman green pigeon only found in the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar and known to be one of the six species from the pompadour green pigeon complex. The green pigeon from Andaman feeds on fruits of a wide variety of plants.

White-bellied Green Pigeon

White-bellied green pigeon is a very lesser known species of bird found in India, They are known for unusual habit of drinking saltwater. This species of green pigeon from the family Columbidae found from Thailand, India and Vietnam to Japan.

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