10 Migratory Ducks Coming to India in Winter

Here is the list of strongly migratory ducks visit India during the winter season, Most beautiful migratory ducks include Northern Shoveler, Ruddy Shelduck, Common Pochard, Garganey Duck, Bar-headed goose and greylag goose.

Ruddy Shelduck


Ruddy Shelduck is known as Brahminy duck in India, one of the most beautiful and distinctive waterfowl. Brahminy duck is a large waterfowl having orange brown body plumage.

Northern Shoveler


Northern Shoveler spends winter in the Indian subcontinent and breeds in Europe and Asia. This species a bird of open wetlands and a strongly migratory bird found in India.

Eurasian Teal


Eurasian Teal also known as common teal is the small dabbling duck, commonly found in aquatic inlets and lagoons. Common teal duck wintering in India in large numbers of 37,000.

Northern Pintail


Northern Pintail is a migratory duck wintering in India. Pintail preferred habitats of shallow and freshwater ponds, lakes and backwaters of dams.

Garganey Duck


Garganey are one of the most common wintering ducks in the Indian Subcontinent, feeds on aquatic plants, seeds and invertebrates. Pic- Garganey – eBird

Common Pochard


The common pochard is a medium-sized diving duck and habitat consists of marshes and lakes, The male bird is chestnut in colour with bill is long and dark and has a grey band.

Knob Billed Duck


Knob Billed Duck also known as comb ducks are one of the largest species of duck found in India. The comb ducks are found in the wetlands of Africa, Madagascar and India.

Tufted Duck


Tufted duck is a small diving duck, a foreign migratory duck visiting India during the winter season. A common winter visitor to north and east India.

Greylag Goose


The greylag goose is a species of large duck/goose from the family of waterfowl like Bar-headed Goose, migrating southwards to spend the winter in warmer places like India.

Bar-headed Goose


Bar headed goose come to India during the winter season and said to be the model for the Hamsa of Indian mythology. The species seen flying over Mount Everest and is one of the world’s highest-flying birds.

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