15 Most Beautiful Black Animals Found in India

Black is always a beautiful color to look for, There are many species of wild animals found to be in full black or partial blank in color, hence named as black bird, black eagle or black leopard, black scorpion or black buck. Here is the list of 15 most beautiful and attractive black animals found in India.

Black Baza


Black Baza is a beautiful and small bird of prey found in the forest of Northeast India, They are found in dense forest and a distinctively coloured raptor, often seen in small groups.

Black Eagle


Black Eagle is rare species of eagle found in India, Like all eagles – black eagle is a large bird of prey. The black eagle eats mammals and breeds in tropical, found in the Himalayan foothills and Western Ghats of peninsular India.

Black Buck

Indian black buck

Blackbuck is a antelope native to India and inhabits grassy plains of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra and lightly forested areas of India. The endangered antelope also known as the Indian antelope has majority of its body in black or dark brown color with white patches.

Black Bear


There are four species of bear found in the Indian subcontinent.The Himalayan black bear is a subspecies of the Asian black bear and sloth Bear is endemic to India and the Indian black bear or moon bear is lives in the Himalayas.

Black Wolf


India is home of two species of wolves named as Indian Gray Wolf and Himalayan Wolf, Recently in Panna National Park – A black wolf or a melanistic colour variant of the gray wolf recorded and photographed.

Black Panther


Black LeopardKabini wildlife sanctuary is one of the best place in India to spot black panther, The melanistic colour variant of the Indian leopard is rare and these leopards are not a separate species.


Today, black Leopards are seen in Odisha forest, In Tadoba National Park, Panna National Park and in Kabini wildlife sanctuary.

Black Tiger


There are total 10 black tigers are found in India and all of them are from Simlipal Tiger Reserve in Odisha. The pseudo- melanistic tigers of Simlipal are due to genetic mutation and highly rare and the state is planning a black tiger safari soon.

Black Squirrel

Black_giant squirrel

Malayan squirrel also known as black giant squirrel is one of the largest species of squirrel in the world. Like other species giant squirrels found in India, The giant black squirrel is also diurnal and arboreal.

Black Langur


Nilgiri langur is one of the 5 species of langur found in India, This langur has full black fur and an grey-brown, hair-like patch of fur on its head. The Nilgiri black langur occurs at elevation of high trees and native to the Nilgiri Hills of South India.

Black Monkey


Lion-tailed Macaque or simply wanderoo is a black monkey with silver white hair like a Lion by its mane and tail. The wanderoo black macaque is Endangered and Endemic to the Western Ghats of South India, Found in Silent Valley National Park of Kerala and in Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park of Tamil Nadu.

Black Ape


The hoolock gibbon is the only species of gibbon ape found in India, the hoolock gibbons are found from south of Brahmaputra in Assam to the bank areas and east of the Dibang rivers and more into the forest of Northeast India.

Black Badger


Indian ratel subspecies of Honey Badger is small in size as compare to African and has upper white bank over the black areas of the body. The black and grey badger has been recorded from Indian states of Karnataka and also from Terai forest. Pic-Credit: Jayant Sharma Twiiter.

Black Cobra


Indian Cobra or spectacled cobra is the most dangerous species of cobra found in India. The highly venomous snake is native to the Indian subcontinent, One of the “big four” snakes responsible for the most snakebite cases in India.

Black Krait also known as big black krait is endemic to South Asia and found in Northeast.

Black Scorpion


Indian black scorpion is one of the largest species of scorpion belonging to the family Scorpionidae. The black scorpion found in the forest of the Indian states of West Bengal to Odisha and also in including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Black BirdsIndian Black Bird | Black Drongo | Black Koel


There are many beautiful species of birds with solid black plumage color such as Black Hornbill, Black Black Drongo and Black Koel. Black drongo is a common resident breeder of India and one of the most
commonly seen birds of Indian cities.


Indian blackbird is subspecies of the common blackbird and found only in India and Sri Lanka, There are few subspecies named as Nilgiri blackbird and black-capped blackbird.

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