8 Largest Species of Stork Birds Found in India

Storks are largest species of wading birds with long bills, long-leg and long-neck, live closely to water habitats along with spoonbills, ibises and herons.
The stork birds are carnivorous tallest species of birds found in India, Greater adjutant and Sarus crane are two tallest flying birds found in India.

Greater Adjutant

Greater adjutant is the largest species of stork bird of India,found mainly in India but also found widely across southern Asia. This largest stork bird is valued as scavenger and Assam has good breeding populations of Greater adjutant in India.

Lesser Adjutant

Lesser Adjutant_Stork

Lesser adjutant is another big species of stork, found from India through Southeast Asia and found in wooded regions, forest and agricultural areas. The lesser adjutant is less scavenge bird than the related greater adjutant, The biggest member of the stork family of India.

Asian Openbill


Asian openbill stork is a medium-sized bird from the stork family Ciconiidae, found mainly in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The greyish with black wings openbill stork found in an agricultural lansdscape, along river banks, inland wetlands and dam backwaters.


Painted Stork


The Painted Stork bird the large wader from the the stork family found in India, Range also extending from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia. They are not migratory bird and are widely distributed over the plains of the Indian Subcontinent, largest population of Painted Stork found in India around Kolleru and Ranganathittu.


Woolly-necked Stork


Woolly-necked stork is a medium-sized stork bird, distributed in a wide variety of habitats and breeds in Asia from India to Indonesia. The whitenecked stork commonly use a variety of freshwater wetlands for breeding around riverside cliffs and share the same habitats with other two species of Stork found in India.

White Stork

The white stork bird is a long-distance migrant of the Indian subcontinent, white storks winters in India around the Bikaner in western and Tirunelveli in southern India.Similar species of white storks are Asian openbill, common crane and wood stork.

Black Stork

The Asian populations of black stork breeds in the Indian subcontinent, usually in waters areas, in pairs, feeding on fish and amphibians. They are mainly visitors of Punjab south to Karnataka and northeastern India, Can be seen with the flocks of bar-headed goose, demoiselle crane and woolly-necked stork.

Black-necked Stork


Black-necked stork is a tall bird of stork family, found across the Indian Subcontinent but rare in peninsular India. The species occurs in Australia in large numbers and in India south-western Uttar Pradesh has largest known breeding population of Black-necked stork as well as Keoladeo National Park.

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