8 Species of Pitta Found in the Indian subcontinent

Pittas are passerine birds found in the Indian subcontinent and Asia, They are mostly found in dense forest and some of the species of pittas are migratory. There are 8 species of Pitta found in India, Local name of Indian pitta is Navrang, Naorang, Nauranga, Navaranga or Nine colour bird.

Indian Pitta – नवरंग


Indian pitta is native to the Indian subcontinent, breeds from the forests of the Himalayas to central and western India. The Indian pitta also known as Navrang, Nine Coloured Bird and local names in India are based on the calling and colours.


Mangrove pitta

Mangrove pitta species is also native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, found in mangrove and nipa palm forests. The colourful bird range is from India to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Hooded Pitta

Hooded pitta bird has a wide range, Nicobar Islands is the best place to spot Hooded pitta in India. Like other species of pitta found in India, hooded pitta also forages on the ground and feeds on insects and larvae, berries and

Blue Pitta

Blue pitta found in the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent, A small solitary bird that feeds on insects and other small invertebrates by foraging on the ground like other pitta birds.

Blue-naped Pitta

The blue-naped pitta found in Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Vietnam, can be found in bamboo jungles of northeastern India. A brightly colored bird that feeds on insects and other small animals on the ground.

Blue-winged Pitta

Blue-winged pitta is a colourful bird found from India to Malaysia to Philippines, regularly found in Brunei, China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The blue-winged pitta also feeds on worms and insects, also eat hard- shelled snails.

Fairy Pitta

Fairy pitta is another small and brightly colored passerine bird reported from India and Indochina, The fairy pitta classified as vulnerable and its population is declining in most places.

Eared Pitta

Eared pitta is a new species of bird in the Indian subcontinent but found in Southeast Asia. The bird species has a very large range and reported to be very rare in most of its localities in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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