Meet the Munias – 8 Species of Finch Birds of India

Estrildid finches family are bird species more commonly known as munias and there are 8 species Munia birds found in India, Listed below. The Lonchura genus of the estrildid finch family include the silverbill and munias, Are the common birds of the grassland, feeds on seeds, reeds of grasses and resident breeding birds of India.


Scaly-breasted Munia (spice finch)

Scaly-breasted munia or spotted munia is the most common species of finch birds found in India, A species of the genus Lonchura and forage in flocks over the grasslands.


This munia eats grass seeds and nests using long grass or bamboo leaves, also introduced into many other parts of the world.

White-rumped Munia (striated finch)

White rumped-Munia

White-rumped munia or striated finch bird found worldwide, A common resident breeder of the Indian subcontinent and tropical continental Asia. The striated finch feeds mainly on seeds and nest on the abandoned Baya Weaver bird nest.

Black-throated Munia

Black-throated Munia is a resident breeding bird of Eastern Ghats in India and southwest India. The small passerine bird or estrildid finch also feeds mainly on seeds like other species of munia birds found in India like Red Munia and Green Munia.

Indian Silverbill – White-throated Munia


Indian silverbill is known as white-throated munia, a common resident breeding bird of the Indian Subcontinent. The white-throated munia forage in small flocks in grassland, cultivation and dry open scrub also sometimes near water.

Red Avadavat – Red Munia


Red avadavat or strawberry finch found in the open grasslands of India, breeds in the Indian Subcontinent during the monsoon season and usually seen in small flocks mainly on flat plains and near water.

Green Avadavat – Green Munia

The green avadavat species of Estrildid finch bird are endemic to the Indian subcontinent and found mainly in the dry regions of in central and north-western India. Green munia are popular cage bird like other species of finch.

Tricoloured Munia – Black-headed Munia

Tricoloured munia bird is looks like the chestnut munia which feeds mainly on grain and other seeds. This black-headed munia may have originated in India and introduced to other parts of the world.

Chestnut Munia

Chestnut munia bird is also knonw as black-headed munia and closely-related tricoloured munia. The small gregarious bird, chestnut munia was the national bird of the Philippines and also a resident breeding bird of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonesia.

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