5 Bird Species in Maharashtra on The Verge of Extinction

There are 14 species of birds falls in the category of critically endangered in the country, main reason behind the threatened status of these beautiful birds are loss of habitat,poaching and use of insecticides. Here is the list of bird species on the verge of extinction along with its recently announced state bird of Maharashtra, the forest owlet.

14 Most Beautiful Indian Birds on The Verge of Extinction

Indian Vulture

Indian Vulture is one of the nine species of vulture living in India, it is also one of the species who is in danger of extinction. After the many Captive-breeding programmes Indian Vultures along with other species, population has increased.

White Rumped Vulture

The White Rumped Vulture is another species of an Old World vulture and very close to the European Griffon Vulture. White-rumped Vulture population declined dramatically in Indian Subcontinent,especially in Maharashtra.

Red Headed Vulture

The Red-headed Vulture also known as Asian King Vulture or Indian Black Vulture is the most critically endangered species of bird in India. This Old World vulture found in the Indian Subcontinent and has no subspecies.

Forest Owlet

The Forest Owlet is endemic bird to the dense forests of central India and was considered extinct. Shrinking forests of central India, leaving the species of Forest Owlet as critically endangered bird.

Sociable lapwing


The Sociable Lapwing is attractive medium-sized lapwing family of birds and critically endangered in India as per International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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