Top 20 Common City Birds Found in Indian Subcontinent

In continuation of 15 most common city birds of India, here is the additional 20 city birds found across the urban areas of Indian Subcontinent along with Purple sunbird, House Sparrow,Common hawk cuckoo,grey hornbill, Rufous treepie, Black headed ibis,House Crow,Rock Pigeon and Plum headed parakeet.

Baya Weaver


Baya Weaver bird is the most common city bird, found across the Indian Subcontinent. The baya bird known for their hanging nests built mainly in colonies and usually found on thorny trees above water.

Indian Robin


Indian Robin is one of the most city bird, often seen running along the ground. The Indian robin mainly found in dry habitats,breeds in March to June and August to September and nest in Hole in the Walls.


Ashy Prinia


Ashy Prinia is the most common bird in urban areas,farmland,open grassland and gardens in many parts of India. This passerine bird is a small warbler and resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent.

Pond Heron

Indian-pond- heron

Indian Pond Heron is a small freshwater bird of the heron family,easily found at the edge of small water bodies sitting ideal. They have bright white and brown wings and their camouflage behavior makes them very good fish catcher.


White Wagtail


wagtail is a common resident throughout the Indian subcontinent, usually found around the small ponds, river bed and along side lake. The common species of wagtails found in India are White browed wagtail,White wagtail and Western yellow wagtail.


Purple-rumped Sunbird

Purple Rumped Sunbird is the most common species of sunbird endemic to the Indian Subcontinent. Male Sunbirds are brightly coloured and easily distinguished from the purple sunbird.


Oriental Magpie Robin


Oriental Magpie Robin is a member of the old World flycatcher and well known for their songs and log tail. This species long tail usually held upright on the ground and is the national bird of Bangladesh.

Coppersmith Barbet


Coppersmith Barbet is the best known for its rapid metronomic call like striking metal with a hammer and remain well camouflaged on the top of the trees. The Coppersmith Barbet eat fruits mainly prefers banyan, peepul and other wild figs.

Oriental White Eye


Oriental White Eye birds are easily identified by the distinctive white ring around eyes and always found in small groups feeding insects or nectar. The species is found in a wide range of habitats from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia.

Indian Cormorant


Indian Cormorant found mainly along the pond,lake,rivers and inland waters of the Indian Subcontinent. The Indian shag are distinguished by its blue eye and makes short dives to capture fish.

Little Egret


Egret are white water birds, usually live around water bodies and found throughout the Indian and around much of the world. Great egret ,Intermediate egret, Cattle egret and Little egret are the four species of genus Egretta found across the Indian subcontinent.

White-spotted Fantail


Fantail bird are insectivorous birds with greys, blacks, whites and browns colors, found in Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The Fantails have specialist aerial feeders,when spread in display like a fan.

Red-wattled Lapwing


Red Wattled Lapwing is a large wader bird, known for loud alarm calls even during the night. The lapwing birds are usually seen in pairs and a very popular birds in Indian culture and associated with indication good rains.

Brahminy Starling/Brahminy Myna


Brahminy Starling has glossy black crown and member of the starling family of birds. This myna is omnivorous and usually seen in pairs in open habitats or the plains of the Indian subcontinent.

Cinereous Tit


Cinereous Tit bird is a bulbul looks alike bird and subspecies of the great tit. These birds are usually seen in pairs and distinguishable by the white Cheek and yellowish underside.

Indian Silverbill

Indian Silverbill is a small munia type bird and a common resident breeding bird. The species frequently found near the water bodies,plains and cultivation area.


Scaly Breasted Munia

Scaly Breasted Munia also known as spotted munia is sparrow like bird, found in open plains, Garden and grasslands. This munia eats mainly grass seeds and always seen carrying a blade of grass to built nest.




Shikra is medium sized and the most common bird of prey, widely distributed in Asia and Indian subcontinent. The shikra also called the little banded goshawk and a favourite bird of prey among falconers in India.

Barn Owl


Barn Owls are one of the most widespread of all birds and once very common in urban areas of India. The barn owl is nocturnal with long legged and long wings.

Black Rumped Flameback Woodpecker


Woodpeckers are found widely in the Indian subcontinent and few woodpeckers that are seen in urban areas. The black rumped flameback Woodpecker normally seen in pairs on the plains, gardens and city areas of South Indian cities.

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