12 Most Favorite Non Vegetarian Dishes of Indian Cities and States

Non Vegetarian Dishes of India includes flavour Mughals,Nawabi cuisines and Arabian food. The most famous Non Vegetarian Dishes and the places around the country are listed as below.

Paya Soup – Bhopal

The delicious Paya Soup is famous at the Chatori Gali, Ibrahimpura of Bhopal. Chatori Gali is the best place in Bhopal to enjoy Non-Vegetarian Dishes.

Haleem – Hyderabad


Hyderabadi Haleem is the most popular dish from the city of Hyderabad, especially during Ramadan. Haleem is a delicious stew of meat, lentils and wheat and its the first non-vegetarian dish in India to be listed as GIS.

Tunde kabab – Lucknow

Tunde ke kabab are the Awadhi cuisine much popular in Lucknow. The world famous Tunday Kababs outlets are located at so many places in Lucknow as well as other states but Shirmal Wali Gali and Naaz Cinema Road of Aminabad,Lucknow are best.

Bheja Masala – Mumbai

Bheja Masala or Bheja Fry is a popular dish in Mumbai using goats brain. Bade Miya of Colaba is the best place to taste the Bheja Masala,Bade Miya is one of the most famous eateries in Mumbai.

Keema Matar – Delhi

Among the non veg recipes of Delhi,Keema Matar is one of my favorite dishe to have with rice. Keema Matar means ground Meat and peas, an absolutely delicious north Indian dish.

Rogan Josh – Kashmir

Kashmiri Rogan Josh is a lamb dish brought by the Mughals and influenced by Persian cuisine. Rogan josh is a staple of Kashmir and one of the most famous delicacy from Kashmir, especially the Mutton rogan josh.

Chicken Tikka – Punjab

The boneless pieces of baked chicken is the traditionally Punjabi cuisine along with most famous Tandoori chicken. Chicken Tikka is a very simple to make and a yummy starter typically eaten with tamarind chutney.

Fish Fry – Goa

The region of Goa is famous for its delicious non-veg food, natural beauty,beaches and sea food cuisines. Rice and authentic Goan seafoods are the best with beer in the beautiful sand beaches of Goan

Murgh Musallam – Kolkata

The authentic awadhi style Murgh Musallam is one of the oldest and most famous food recipe from Kolkata. Arsalan of Park Street, Kolkata is well famous for Non-Vegetarian dishes such as Murgh Musallam korma and Irani Chaap. There is plenty more restaurants that provide great food in the Kolkata area. If you share a love of authentic awadhi food and Indian cuisine, then you should take a few moments to look into a trip to Kolkata. It only takes a short time to go online and see what is available in terms of travel as well as room and board. Once you find a plan that suits you, simply book a hotel in Kolkata near some great eateries and you’re on your way to enjoying some excellent new Indian dishes.

Chicken Chettinad – Tamil Nadu

The Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu is the most famous for its cuisine. Chettinad cuisine are one of the spiciest and the most aromatic food in India.

Kankada Jhola – Odisha

The Crab meat or Crab Masala Curry is the delicious and simple dish from the traditional Cuisine of Odisha. Orissa sea foods are really good in taste and served with the rice.

Poora Haah – Assam

Poora Haah means Roasted Duck from the Assamese cuisine, It is one of the notable cuisines of Assam. The delicious roasted duck is one of the must try non veg food of India.

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