15 Top of The Best Street Foods in Mumbai

The dream city of Mumbai is known for so road side food stalls located at Girgaum Chowpatty,Nariman Point and other Khau Galli’s. Famous Indian street food includes Panipuri, Bhelpuri, Sevpuri and Dahipuri, apart from this streets of Mumbai is also famous for Vada Pav,omelette-pav,Misal Pav and bhuji-pav along with the Chinese food items.

Famous Road Side Snack Items in the City of Mumbai,Maharashtra

Vada Pav


The most popular spicy vegetarian fast food dish in Maharashtra, Vada Pav also known as Indian Burger is one of the very famous Street food of Mumbai.


Road side stalls or Kebab Corner in the street of Mumbai are known for their pleasant taste and spice. Mohammed Ali Road is well famous for Seekh kebabs in the city.

Pav Bhaji

The finger-licking pav bhaji from the streets of Mumbai, available within a minutes. Sardar Pav Bhaji at Tardeo road junction is popular in Mumbai city.

Bombil Fry

Bombil fish fry or Bombay Duck Fry is a seafood in the city of Mumbai, Delicious bombli fish is the must try street food of Mumbai.

Pani Puri

The yummy and mouthwatering Panipuri is known as Golgappas in Northern India, is a popular street snack in Mumabi as well as in Indian subcontinent.

Chicken Tikka Rolls

Bademiya is the best place in Mumbai for Chicken Tikka Rolls or any other non-veg dishes such as the kebabs, bheja fry and mutton rolls.

Bhel puri

Bhel puri is the most common all-day snacks item,easy to make mixed with tamarind chutney and eaten on the spot food item famous at Chowpatty Beach.

Kheema Pav

The delicious masala kheema with pav at street of Colaba’s is another must have street food item from dream city of Mumbai. Kheema Pav and bhurji pav are two popular fast food items in Mumbai during the day time.

Channa Bhatura

Chana Bhatura gained popularity as a street food in India, It is one of the best in Mumbai city. Cream Centre of Mumbai is best place to Chole Bhatura or Channa Bhatura.

Misal Pav

Misal pav is one of the famous street foods available in Mumbai, very popular amongst the Maharashtrians as a breakfast dish, also one of the best in Pune.


Sandwiches in Mumbai are the best road-side food bursting with flavours and variety. A Delicious Sandwich in Mumbai will make your day.


Crab is another must try seafood available on the streets of Mumbai, a butter garlic crab will do the rest. Along with other Seafoods bangda,pomfret and Pomfret Tawa Fry, Crab can be counted as one of the street food.

Ragda Pattice

Ragda Patties is also known as Chaat or Aloo Tiki at other part of India, It is most popular fast food and common street food from Mumbai.


Idli and Dosa are two most popular south Indian dishes available in the streets of Mumabi,Pune and other cities of India. Idli-Dosa are best breakfast item along with poha,Upma and sabudana khichdi in Maharashtra.

Kanda Poha

Last but not least,Kanda Poha is famous as one of the best Mumbai street food along with Sabudana khichdi and Upma as other breakfast item.

If you have a favourite street food or outlet in Mumbai, please share it by leaving a comment or any missing street food
suggestion is most welcome.

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