Paratha- A Traditional Indian Breakfast Food

Paratha are the most popular Indian Snacks item and one of the easy Indian food to prepare in quick time. There are a huge variety of Paratha or pan-fried Indian flat bread available throughout the India, Its a traditional noth Indian dish and vary in shape triangular or round from place to place with taste. Generally there is two types of Parathas plain and stuffed, which is further divided in the way of cooking either on tawa or on tandoor. There is a famous lane of Paratha or Gali Paranthe Wali at Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, where all types of Parathas are served.  Some of the best Indian Parathas are Plain paratha,Tandoori Paratha,Lachha paratha,Jalebi Paratha, Crispy paratha and very delicious jowar and bhajra paratha.

10 Most Famous Parathas in India:

Aloo Paratha: The simple and most famous Indian flat bread is Aloo Paratha, The round shape Paratha is stuffed with boiled Potato alongn with some spicy ingredients. Aloo Paratha baked with ghee is taste very delicious while eaten with pickle and curds. Another variant of Aloo Paratha is Palak Aloo Paratha.Aloo-ParathaGobi Paratha: Gobi means cauliflower, Gobi vegetable is mostly liked by every one specially in Punjab, The Gobi Paratha is stuffed with grated cauliflower & spices, a quick breakfast to have. The traditional Cauliflower Paratha is one of the famous breakfast of Indian state Punjab.Gobi-ParathaMethi Paratha: The tasty and healthy herb Methi or Fenugreek is another best breakfast for Indian. The chopped fenugreek leaves are directly mixed with wheat flour and cooked the whole wheat bread with oil or Ghee. It taste so delicious with cold yogurt and a pickle, yummy food.Methi-ParathaMooli Paratha: Mooli or Radish Paratha is another most favorite paratha, served for breakfast from the great Punjab along with butter and lassi. Mooli Paratha take a little time to be cooked but it tastes really great with green Chilli Chutney.Mooli-ParathaSattu Paratha: The most famous food from Bihar Sattu roti or sattu paratha is a healthy food item which is made up of roasted chana dal powder. Sattu Paratha is served with Chokha spicy mashed potatoes along with litti and some time served with brinjal and potato chutney.Sattu-ParathaPaneer Paratha: Paneer stuffed paratha is one of the mouth-watering Indian recipe from the Punjab.The parathas are stuffed with small pieces of Panner, the Indian Cheese or cottage cheese with other nutritional ingredients. Another variant of Paneer Paratha is Palak Paneer Paratha.Paneer-ParathaOnion Paratha: The Delicious onion paratha is made up by chopped onion along with Indian spices and green chillies to the wheat flour. This mild flavored onion paratha is taste awesome while serve hot parathas with tea or coffee and green chutney.Onion-ParathaCheese Paratha: The Indian flat bread stuffed with grated cheese and taste best while served with butter, cold yogurt or pickle.The grated cheese can be stuffed with any other type of Parathas for a better taste like Capsicum and Cheese Parathas,Corn and Cheese Parathas and the latest one Pudina Cheese Paratha.Cheese-ParathaChana Dal Paratha: The awesome cuisine from Punjab channa dal paratha is a different but delicious paratha, stuffed with chana dal,tomatoes and spices. The simply and spicy Chana Dal Paratha is some how based on famous  Maharashtrian traditional cuisines Puran Poli, a sweet chana dal stuffed paratha.Mixed Vegetable Paratha: The breakfast cum meal item Mixed Vegetable Paratha is made up by stuffing of very finely chopped vegetables like, Cabbage,Grated carrot,Capsicum,Spring onions and Green chillis. Mix Veg Paratha is one of the tastiest parathas from India.Mixed-Veg-ParathaParathas are usually stuffed with vegetables or with meat here are few more Delicious stuffed Indian parathas Curried Paratha,Lachha Paratha,Jalebi Paratha,ajwain paratha,Palak Aloo Paratha,palak paneer paratha,Corn Paratha and capsicum Paratha. Non Veg includes Kheema Paratha, Chicken Paratha,egg Paratha and most famous Mughlai paratha.


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