How to Reach Gir National Park

Sasan Gir Forest National Park is located 75 km from Junagadh with a total area of 1,412 km2. This jungle is the only home of the Gujarat Lion’s or Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica), with total population 523 Lions.

Get There

Junagadh is the best approach to reach Gir National Park, It takes around 2 hours to reach Sasan Gir from Junagadh railway station using a cab or vehicle by road.

Rajkot is the nearest airport, nearly 105 Kms from Junagadh.

The Sanctuary open for wildlife tourism from 16th October to 15th June every year.

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Indian Lion (Panthera leo persica)


Asiatic lion also known as the Indian lion are listed as endangered and found only in a single population in Gujarat state.

There are 523 Indian Lions in and around Gir Forest National Park.


Nearby Attractions:

Junagadh located at the foot of the Girnar hills and one of the most popular tourist destination in Gujarat. Best places to visit in Junagadh and tourist attractions includes Bhavnath Mahadev Temple, Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden,Mahabat Maqbara and Girnar Jain Temple.

Somnath Temple


Somnath Temple near Veraval is the first among the 12 jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. The temple is located near sea beach of Veraval and must visit tourist spot of Gujarat.

Diu Island

Diu Island is known for its sea beaches, fortress and Portuguese Cathedral. The city is under Narendra Modi’s flagship Smart Cities Mission and famous for Diu Fort,Naida Caves and St. Paul’s Church.

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