12 Famous Devi and Kali Temples in West Bengal

Goddess Kali is the destroyer of evil forces and mostly worshipped by Tantric as Adi Shakti. Kalika is mostly portrayed in two forms and known as different names such as Mahakali, Daksinakali, Bhavatarini, Shamshan Kali, Bhadrakali and Siddheshwari Kali.

Kalighat Kali Temple

Kalighat Kali Temple at Calcutta is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas and most famous temple of goddess Kali in West Bengal. Kalighat locality is also famous for Radha Krishna temple and Kalighat painting.

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

Dakshineshwar Kali on the bank of the Hooghly river near Kolkata is dedicated to Bhavatarini, an aspect of goddess Kali and a must visit place in Kolkata.

Kripamayee Kali Temple

Kripamayee Kali Temple is dedicated to Kripamayee, a form of Kali and located on eastern banks of Hooghly river.

Khaepa Kali Tala

Khaepa Kali Tala is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, situated at Malo Pada in old Katwa.

Rampara Kalibari

Rampara Kalibari temple is dedicated to Siddheshwari Kali and known for its traditional way of Kali pooja during Diwali.

Tarapith Temple

Tarapith Temple near Rampurhat is dedicated to the goddess Tara and also famous for Sadhak Bamakhepa.

Kiriteswari Temple, Murshidabad

Kiriteswari Temple at Murshidabad is one of the Sati peeth and oldest temple in the Murshidabad district.

Kankalitala Temple, Bolpur

Kankalitala Temple at Bolpur is situated on the bank of the Kopai river and known as one of the Shakti Peeth.

Sarva Mangala Temple, Garbeta

Sarbamangala Mandir is located the picturesque town of Garbeta, built by Vikramaditya.

Kanak Durga Temple, Midnapore

Kanak Durga Temple at Midnapore is dedicated to Goddess Durga,located in southwest Bengal.

Tripura Sundari Temple, Boral

Tripura Sundari Temple is located in Boral near Garia and one of the most famous temple in West Bengal.

Hangseshwari Temple, Hooghly


Hangseshwari Temple in Hooghly is dedicated to goddess Hangseswari, worshipped as a form of Maa Kali. The structure and architecture of the temple is very unique.

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